Match Ratings For Smackdown Live 12/19/17 From Sean Ross Sapp

Opening segment

  • Daniel Bryan comes out to run down the show, but is interrupted by Shane McMahon. They argue over Sunday night, and Bryan talks about how bad of a businessman Shane has been in regards to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Shane warns Daniel that they'll stab him in the back.
  • Bryan says he doesn't want to see Shane McMahon turn into Mr. McMahon, in a really good line.
  • Shane says he has full confidence in Daniel and leaves. Interesting.
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Training Day defeated The Usos

  • I wonder if Shelton will be told not to use a running powerslam anymore.
  • "________ IS ROLLING" is a term I'd like banned from WWE at this point.
  • Gable struggles early, but there's a bit of a story in these matches that he often does and Shelton rights the ship for them.
  • I liked Byron Saxton telling the story of Benjamin and Haas taking the Usos under their wing.
  • I'm not sure how the hell Benjamin got high enough to kick and thwart an Uso suicide dive attempt, but he did.
  • Benjamin goes for his BTB superplex, but is stopped. It's enough to let Gable get his knees up.
  • Suplexville and the Training Day finish wins it. This was solid, but too quick.

Charlotte & Naomi defeated Riott Squad (w/ Ruby Riott)

  • Charlotte congratulates the fans for making the women's Rumble match happen. 
  • CHARLOTTE CALLS NAOMI GLOW. Shit, man. Naomi enters the Rumble. She cuts a promo on the Riott Squad too. 
  • This is one of Naomi's best promos. She gets "chickenheads" over, too. 
  • Sarah Logan works over the leg better than Jinder Mahal worked over Styles Sunday night.
  • Naomi hits an awesome Disaster Kick. That should be her finish instead of the Flying Stink Face. They win after Sarah Logan runs into Liv.

Backstage Crappenings

  • Rusev Day are over so big, and they're dressed as Santa and a snowman. They interrupt New Day to a big pop. Rusev grabs a handful of pancakes and eats, then stomps on them. That is one of the greatest Christmas segments in the history of wrestling, and worth going out of your way to see.


  • Dolph Ziggler has no music again, but gets a decent reaction.
  • Coliseum Home Video Presents Smackdown 12/19: All The Shit Dolph Ziggler Has Ever Done.
  • Ziggler says the fans don't deserve him. He leaves the United States Championship in the ring. 

New Day defeated Rusev Day

  • Kofi is the gingerbread man, and you can't catch him. They go through Rusev Day's presents and find "Happy Rusev Day" underwear.
  • Some back and forth, and the crowd wants pancakes. 
  • Aiden English counters the Honor Roll into a Widowmaker.
  • Rusev Day uncovers the announce table, and puts flapjacks with whipped cream on them. New Day turns the tides! It's a flapjack on flapjacks!
  • I have enjoyed few things on television more than this.
  • Corey Graves is trying hard not to laugh as he says "you think this is funny?!"

AJ Styles, Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Jinder Mahal, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (w/ Singh Bros.)

  • Jinder is quickly backdropped onto the announce table. He has a scratch on his face and it looks kind of cool.
  • Nobody takes that slingshot suplex like Sami Zayn.
  • I think Graves pokes at Byron, saying "Of course they celebrated keeping their jobs, it's not like they can go do something else, they're WWE Superstars." These two get better together every week. 
  • Nakamura is really laying in the strikes tonight. I think Zayn has brought the best out of him since coming to America.
  • The match breaks down and everyone hits a move. Orton bumps a little too early on a DDT attempt from Mahal. The Singh Bros. get involved and they're ejected. I've missed Singh Bros. vs. Randy Orton.
  • Nakamura pins Zayn. Orton even push Styles for extra leverage on a Phenomenal Forearm. Fun match.
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