Match Ratings For Smackdown Live 1/23/18 From Sean Ross Sapp: Smackdown Live Go Home Show

Opening segment

  • Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn come out and heel the crowd.
  • AJ Styles interrupts, and Sami Zayn makes fun of him for being predictable. Zayn is really good here.
  • WWE keeps scripting AJ Styles and it really hurts him. Zayn and Owens are the best at throwing to footage, particularly of AJ saying he'd face Owens and Zayn individually. 
  • Daniel Bryan comes out to make the match official, but AJ Styles does first. 
  • Backstage, Daniel Bryan tells Shane McMahon he wasn't actually going to sanction the match and Shane takes a little shot at him.
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Chad Gable (w/ Shelton Benjamin) defeated Jey Uso (w/ Jimmy Uso)

  • The early minutes are Gable dominating Jey Uso with amateur wrestling. Uso stops it for a while, but gets posted during the break.
  • Uso is fighting one armed, and after teases of a dive from him and a moonsault from Gable, he connects.
  • Gable with a rolling kick and the deadlift German Suplex for the win. 

Backstage Crappenings

  • I thought both Shinsuke Nakamura (KNEE. FACE) and Baron Corbin had fair promos for what they were. Nakamura challenges Corbin.

Naomi defeated Liv Morgan

  • I loved the kick/dodge spot early in this match. One of the better spots I've seen on Smackdown in a singles match in a while. Liv uses the Matrix move and dodges kicks.
  • This is really short. Liv hits a nice clothesline, but Naomi wins with a slingshot sunset flip.
  • I want to see these two have a longer match.
  • Riott Squad and Welcoming Committee, Becky Lynch get involved. Lynch ends up tossing Naomi over the top rope. 

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin

  • A lot of stalling in the opening moments to lead to Corbin gaining the advantage over Nakamura.
  • Corbin has a great counter into a Deep Six. 
  • Nakamura scores a triangle armbar and a big kick, but Randy Orton runs in with a GREAT RKO. The place goes nuts.
  • RKO on Corbin!

New Day & Bobby Roode (w/ Big E) defeated Jinder Mahal & Rusev Day

  • New Day enters the Royal Rumble and introduces Bobby Roode.
  • This is really just a bunch of moves, but it was fun for what it was. Spinebusters, dives, signature hits.
  • Xavier wins with the elbow drop.
  • I think Bobby Roode has new white gear. 
  • Rusev Day is still incredibly over. 

AJ Styles defeated Kevin Owens.

  • Shane McMahon makes Sami Zayn go to the back. If KO or Zayn interfere in each other's match, they're fired.. Awkward commercial cut.
  • Calf Crusher. Submission. Wow. Styles holds onto it a while.

Sami Zayn defeated AJ Styles

  • Sami Zayn attacks AJ Styles before the bell, but Styles says he's good to go. Wouldn't it have made a little more sense to have Owens do some damage in the match to really sell it?
  • Sami gets good offense, but Styles' comeback strike combo into the clothesline is one of my favorite. 
  • No one has ever hit a flying forearm quite like AJ Styles. 
  • AJ Styles randomly attacks Kevin Owens -- and the medics helping him. What a dick.
  • This is great work. An outstanding super huracanrana and Pele hit for Styles.
  • AJ Styles slides out of a superplex in a masterful manner to drop Zayn across the top rope.
  • This match ruled.


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