Match Ratings For WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 & Podcast Notes By Sean Ross Sapp


  • Paige joins the panel, and her injury is addressed but glossed over.
  • Booker and Pete Rosenberg pal'd up. Ah boy. Paul Heyman asks Rosenberg who he is as they go on the air?
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Good Brothers defeated Miztourage

  • C'mon, you know the drill. A paint by numbers pre-show tag team match that doesn't make sense and doesn't have a real chance to shine.
  • The Revival are watching, and cut a brief promo after.

WWE Raw Women's Championship
Elimination Chamber Match 

  • I loved the changes made to the Chamber structure last year. It made for better wrestling, better production and a safer environment for those in it. 
  • Absolution wearing matching white gear tonight. Mickie James hit us with Iron Wonder Woman. The boyhood dream has come true! No flappy pants!
  • Bayley Spidermans the cage, and hits a Saito suplex in the ring. A great addition she made to her arsenal in the last year. The new structure allows for an elbow drop to the outside of the structure too. 
  • Had to be Mandy Rose out next. Good babyface booking. Bayley fights them off until a big double leg tackle from Sonya.
  • Sasha is out next, and has some neat knee offense that I can barely see because we're on full zoom tonight. 
  • Banks taps out Mandy Rose. That was the right first elimination. 
  • Mickie James is so much faster without all that wind resistance. She gets a cool MickieSpidercanrana on Sonya. 
  • Mickie with a Thesz Press onto Sonya from the top of the Chamber! Lou Thesz would not have done that Thesz Press from the top of the Chamber better. Sonya is out.
  • Bayley to Belly on Mickie! She's out!
  • Bayley and Sasha wait on Alexa Bliss, who is running away from them. They corner her on top of a Chamber and and Sasha turns on Bayley!
  • Alexa gets involved but Sasha and Bayley are aggressive towards each other.
  • The camera work is doing a real disservice to these women.
  • Bayley with a superplex on Alexa, then Sasha with a bad Frog splash on Bayley for 2. Super Bayley to Belly on Banks, but Bliss rolls up Bayley for the pin!
  • Bliss misses the Twisted Bliss and eats knees! Bliss does a Twisted Bliss to a STANDING Banks off a Chamber outside, but Banks gets the Banks Statment and rolls into the ring!
  • A rope hung DDT gets it done for Alexa Bliss.
  • Bliss feigns a babyface promo before heeling the crowd. Sasha is outside the ring crying.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championships
The Bar (c) defeated Titus Worldwide

  • The Bar attacks Titus Worldwide before the bell, but Apollo dives onto them.
  • Seems like every month The Bar are wrestling at least one guy wearing gear that looks like he should be teaming with them.
  • The Bar works over Apollo for about five or six minutes.
  • Titus gets a great reaction on his hot tag. Sheamus hilariously finger wags after he slips climbing to the top, but flies into a Clash of the Titus.
  • Old Man Flip Hating Coachman asking if a move where one guy takes out two is necessary.
  • The Bar hit their finish for the win.

Title eliminator for Nia Jax
Asuka defeated Nia Jax

  • This is Nia Jax's third televised singles match since the beginning of November. She's not been pinned or submitted in a TV singles match since August. 
  • Nia is looking damn good from an offensive standpoint. Asuka is selling well, and Nia is delivering it well. A great contrast of styles. 
  • Asuka counters a Super Samoan drop, but almost gets Banzai Drop and the whole crowd knew it was coming. Nia ate it hard.
  • Asuka applies an armbar, but Nia lifts and bombs her into the buckle!
  • Asuka counters a powerbomb and rolls up Nia for the pin!
  • After the match, Nia spears Asuka through the barricade! This is a good way to keep Asuka from making her decision tonight, or being around for the Rousey signing.

Woken Matt Hardy defeated Bray Wyatt

  • Bray Wyatt is out first, and Matt sings "Obsolete" to him. He catches Wyatt off guard when Wyatt searches for him.
  • Hardy almost has a Twist of Fate reversed, but counters the counter with a DDT.
  • Woken Matt Hardy is really over with this crowd, but not as much as a dumbass beach ball.
  • This isn't a bad match, the crowd is just lame until Hardy wakes them up with "delete chants."
  • Wyatt lands a hellacious uranage. Hardy finishes him off with a Twist of Fate.

Ronda Rousey

  • Kurt Angle, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are out. They give Rousey a mic and she's flustered. 
  • Rousey is not good on a mic. She says she doesn't want any perks and wants to earn respect. 
  • Kurt Angle calls out Triple H and Stephanie for trying to manipulate Rousey. Triple H is saying Angle is having a flu relapse. Hilarious. Kurt Angle's stuff was GREAT. You had to address the losses, and he did. Said that Stephanie called Rousey a has been that she could beat. 
  • Rousey puts Triple H through a table!! The first three quarters of this painful experience happened, but it got where it needed to go, and Rousey is over BIG now. Wow
  • Stephanie slaps Rousey, and the crowd chants "You fucked up." Stephanie is stared out of the ring. 

Top Contender's Match
Elimination Chamber Match
Roman Reigns defeated Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Elias, The Miz, and John Cena

  • Elias just COMMANDS a crowd. Great work.
  • Lots of new gear tonight. Rollins, Balor, Miz start with some good work between all three. Cena joins them. 
  • Cena has a spot where he hits his belly-to-back suplex a few times, and almost AA's Balor and Rollins together.
  • Reigns is in, and Miz has everyone in a circle throwing It Kicks. 
  • Nothing overwhelming or spectacular in this match as Braun comes in and cleans ouse. 
  • Miz runs from Braun, and it is HORRIFYING how fast Braun climbed the Chamber. He slams Miz against the wall and heaves him off the Chamber. 
  • Strowman hits a powerslam on Miz for the pin.
  • Everyone gangs up on Strowman as Elias won't get out of his pod. They hit a Shield Bomb, but Braun kicks out. AA, kickout at one. Blackout Stomp and Coup de Grace as Strowman rolls out of the ring.
  • Everyone takes each other out, and Elias runs in but can't pin anyone. He ends up getting eliminated by Strowman.
  • John Cena meets the same fate. Oh no! Now John Cena won't be able to get on the WrestleMania card!!!
  • Balor has some success with strike combos and a big Coup de Grace to the back.Strowman has kicked out of 2 Coup de Graces, an AA, a Curb Stomp, and a Shield Powerbomb. Maybe a spear too, I can't remember. When Balor gets a 1916 on Rollins, Braun powerslams and beats him.
  • Rollins and Reigns both try to team up on Strowman, but end up battling and using the Buckle Bomb to Superman punch spot from last week.
  • Strowman chases Rollins up the cage, but Reigns catches Strowman with an ugly ass Samoan drop. The ugly ass part was all on Strowman. Rollins gets two on a Frog splash after.
  • Rollins gets beaten by Braun.
  • Reigns goes after Braun, flies over the top onto him, and then spears him through a pod. Superman punch and two spears finishes it off. 
  • After the match, Strowman repeatedly powerslams Reigns and throws him through a pod.
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