Match Ratings For WWE Raw 10/21/19 From Sean Ross Sapp

Drew McIntyre (w/ Ric Flair) defeated Ricochet

  • Ric Flair is loud and obnoxious tonight, but he's playing a heel.
  • He brings out Drew McIntyre for his team.
  • It's impressive that Drew McIntyre had the time to physically kiss every girl in the city before Raw.
  • Ricochet is the right person to have in there with a returning Drew McIntyre.
  • Drew is able to throw Ricochet around and looks like a million bucks.
  • Ric Flair cuts a hilarious ringside promo challenging Hulk Hogan to show up Friday. I kind of liked that. It seemed very 90s.
  • Ricochet connected on a great dive before a commercial, and catches Drew off the top with a dropkick.
  • Ricochet is all over the place. He looks great.
  • Drew McIntyre hits a crucifix Buckle Bomb and a sitdown powerbomb
  • Drew McIntyre and Ricochet out here HAVING ONE.
  • Ricochet lands a nice Death Valley Driver and shooting star press. The crowd goes crazy.
  • Ricochet gets posted and it sets up a Claymore.
  • Should be said again -- WWE crowds have been really loud lately. It helps a lot.
  • After the match, Drew BammaSlamma's Ricochet face first onto the steel stairs.
  • A great return showing for Drew McIntyre.
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Aleister Black beats Jobber

  • Aleister Black is beating up a jobber. He should not me selling for this dweeb at all. AT ALL.
  • Black destroys homeboys face with a Black Mass.

Backstage Crappenings

  • AOP cut another promo. I'm ready for them to wrestle now. It's time, but I'll assume WWE doesn't want to put them in tag team turmoil next week.

WWE 24/7 Championship
The Bollywood Boyz defeated R-Truth (c) to become the champion

  • Truth is sneaking around and is distracted by Samir Singh. Sunil rolls him up.
  • R-Truth tries to win it back, but he pins the wrong guy.


  • Jerry Lawler brings out Rusev.
  • Rusev says Lashley has poisoned Lana and now he'll crush Lashley.
  • All these horrible backstage settings that they're pretending are bedrooms, massage parlors and restaurants are amazing.
  • Lana says she always asked Rusev to take her to this restaurant and he wouldn't.
  • A manager asks Lashley and Lana to leave because Rusev is coming.
  • Rusev shows up and tries to brawl.

Andrade (w/ Zelina) defeated Sin Cara

  • Sin Cara finally having a brief feud paid off. Well kind of. Andrade already beat him over a year ago. That was Sin Cara's last television match besides Super Showdown.
  • Zelina helps Andrade cheat.
  • Sin Cara hits an amazing moonsault to the outside.
  • Sin Cara did a short Olympic Slam-style Death Valley Driver that looked good. He's getting a lot of offense here.
  • Andrade almost wins with a great tilt-a-whirl inverted powerbomb.
  • Sin Cara gets a nearfall after a smooth sunset flip powerbomb.
  • Andrade knocks Cara off the top rope, connects with double knees.
  • Sin Cara with a slingshot flying headscissors over the top rope! But Zelina does a goddamn dragonrana to the floor.
  • This match got way more time than I expected. I guess if they're tossing out fresh starts, that's fine. This went about 12 minutes.
  • For some reason they made Humberto Carrillo cut a really generic, scripted promo.

Viking Raiders defeated Hawkins & Ryder

  • That Hawkins and Ryder promo has me in stitches. They need to cut buddy cop promos all the time
  • Hawkins and Ryder get thrown into one another, but manage a double STO.
  • Raiders take over and hit their finish for the win.


  • Rey Mysterio says he's been helping Cain Velasquez get ready for Crown Jewel.
  • He cuts a mega babyface promo.
  • Paul Heyman shows up on the Titantron. He says Brock Lesnar is on Smackdown, but he's here as an advocate.
  • Heyman says Brock Lesnar has obsessed over the scar Cain gave him.
  • Rey goes off, and is interrupted by Shelton Benjamin.
  • Benjamin says Rey gets beat up and Cain gets a title shot, so maybe he should push around Rey, as Brock's buddy.
  • Cain Velasquez comes out and stuffs a Benjamin takedown, and does a few takedowns of his own before making Shelton tap out to a rear naked choke.

Seth Rollins defeated Humberto Carrillo

  • Carrillo is confronted by Seth Rollins, who wants a match with him right now after saying he wanted to be champion. They're facing each other now.
  • I love the Rollins vs. Humberto matchup. I'd love to see more like this on WWE TV. Guys like Rollins can get over more on in-ring actions and mannerisms
  • Humberto hits a good springboard arm drag.
  • Rollins takes us to a commercial after a suplex to the floor.
  • There's a handspring arm drag that doesn't make a bit of sense, but his dive did.
  • Buckle Bomb and Superkick can't pin Humberto.
  • Carrillo gets a beautiful moonsault, but ends up getting Stomped and pinned.
  • Rollins shakes Carrillo's hand.
  • I would not be surprised to see Rollins going heel soon, then they run back Rollins-Carrillo on Raw with a much different dynamic

Street Profits defeated The OC (w AJ Styles)

  • The OC isn't happy about the Street Profits, and they let you know that THE SMOKE is illegal in Cleveland.
  • They still have Street Profits doing the unofficial hosting stuff. They at least rolled their own promo into it a bit.
  • The match starts with no mystery partner.
  • That crowd that WAS great for the opener now sucks.
  • Street Profits are main eventing in their first WWE Raw match
  • Dio Maddin just keeps getting better.
  • This is pretty standard tag stuff, and that's good considering it's these two teams. Some good, simple spots until Angelo's hot tag.
  • AJ pushes Montez into a spinebuster.
  • AJ Styles gets ejected from a match he was supposed to be in.
  • Kevin Owens makes the save and stuns AJ. ALL THAT MYSTERY PARTNER SHIT FOR NO MYSTERY PARTNER
  • Street Profits win. That's a fantastic debut for the Street Profits. They didn't need the mystery partner smoke and mirrors horse shit.

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