Match Ratings For WWE Raw 11/20/17 From Sean Ross Sapp

Opening Segment

  • Stephanie McMahon is out to gloat, and brings out Triple H.
  • Kurt Angle is out and pissed, and he's followed by Jason Jordan. Jordan in SPOILIN' FOR A FIGHT, and the crowd is all for him vs. Triple H. Stephanie tells Kurt he can't make that match. After Jordan accuses HHH of being a coward, Stephanie says he's not scared of anyone.
  • This brings out BRAUN. Instead of facing Triple H, Jordan will face Strowman, as Triple H backs away.
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Samoa Joe defeated Finn Balor

  • Samoa Joe switched up and added a running STO, which was cool.
  • This is really hard hitting, and they seem to have excellent chemistry on the main roster.
  • Finn Balor in particular has been delivering from an in-ring perspective in recent months. 
  • Joe and Balors reversals in and out of the Coquina Clutch are great.
  • Joe ends up choking out Balor for the win.

Backstage Crappenings

  • We see the Good Brothers plugging merch.
  • Backstage Jordan tries to get out of the Braun match because he's still hurt, but Kurt won't let him. Jordan pumps himself up. Heh. 
  • Not backstage, but Elias sings, Matt Hardy interrupts. They fight. Ok. Earlier, Matt had given hilarious advice to Jason Jordan for Braun

Asuka defeated Dana Brooke

  • Dana Brooke looks in better shape than a few months ago. Can't imagine she's had the smoothest time lately.
  • Holy shit they made Dana plug the Asuka Collection on the WWE Network during her Superstars promo.
  • The running ass to the head works a lot better when the opponent is on the apron.
  • Asuka goes nuts and kills Dana. This accomplished what it was supposed to. Dana should be in NXT though.

Miz TV

  • It's supposed to just be Roman Reigns, but the whole Shield is out.
  • Miz wants credit for bringing the Shield back together, and some royalties.
  • The guys in the ring are HAVIN' FUN here when crowd chants "Miz is awesome." They riff in-ring saying they've never heard that one.
  • Rollins says he wants the tag titles back, but Reigns feels left out. He teases going after the IC title. 
  • The Shield end up Triple Powerbombing Axel.

Dean Ambrose (w/ Seth Rollins) defeated Sheamus (w/ Cesaro)

  • I love it when wrestlers have their opponent's habits scouted in a match. Sheamus scouted the rebound lariat.
  • This is a slow, stiff match that I just can't get into. This is the negative of Raw not being on PPV the next ten weeks. You have to load up Raws with big, important matches. This isn't one.
  • Sheamus scores a rolling senton from the second rope for two. Many forget he'll be 40 by the time the Rumble rolls around.
  • Rollins and Cesaro get involved, and Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds for the win.

Two segments, a match, a return and two debuts and a pizza place

  • Alexa Bliss is being passive aggressive about losing last night.
  • Mickie James is out. This again eh? Guess they have ten weeks until the PPV. 
  • Ohhhhhh they finally got the biscuit butt chant going. It took months and egregious encouragement, but they got a couple hundred people to do it! 
  • Bayley, Sasha and Alicia follow. All of these women lost their last matches, and they're in a top contender match. Okay.
  • There's a Banks Statement on Alicia early that is broken up.
  • Wow, Paige's music hits to a great ovation. She back.
  • She's also not alone. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville help her attack the field. 
  • Alexa Bliss tries to suck up backstage and gets her ass whipped REAL PROPER LIKE. 
  • Good for Paige. She willed herself back. I really think WWE would have just let her sit on the sidelines.

Braun Strowman defeated Jason Jordan via DQ

  • Booker T putting over Jason Jordan is comedy at its best.
  • Jason Jordan impressively lifts Braun off his feet. Braun more impressively heaves Braun overhead. 
  • Jordan clutches his knee outside. He wants out.
  • Kane attacks Braun Strowman. He beats Braun with a chair, targeting the throat.
  • I'm enjoying the slow story arc of Jason Jordan.

205 Live Babyfaces defeated 205 Live Heels (w/ Enzo Amore)

  • Enzo Amore cuts a funny promo about how he's helped each of the 205 Live heels.
  • The 205 Live babyfaces come out and say they want title shots, but they'll earn it. We get a big tag match that Enzo isn't in. 
  • Enzo avoids contact at all cost. 
  • The match is fine in itself, and features a disgusting Lumbar Check and an Inverted 450. Tony Nese's sick sell of the Lumbar Check has to be seen.

Intercontinental Championship
Roman Reigns defeated The Miz (c) to become Intercontinental Champion


  • This is what you'd expect from Reigns and Miz. Solid, good work with Reigns for some reason playing the underdog.
  • There's not a lot of deviating from their standard playbooks until Miz is caught off the top rope with a Superman Punch.
  • Reigns kicks out of a Skull Crushing Finale, which brings out each man's teams. Reigns spears and wins!
  • That was really good. Not a lot of notes because it was what you'd think it was, and was much like their other matches.
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