Match Ratings For WWE Smackdown 11/22/19 From Sean Ross Sapp

Rhea Ripley (w/ Team NXT) defeated Charlotte Flair (w/ Team Raw) and Sasha Banks (w/ Team Smackdown)

  • "YOU SEE." Why doesn't an agent stop this in every promo?
  • Either way, Sasha Banks calls out Team Raw. Both Raw and NXT show up.
  • Rhea Ripley makes a Captain's Challenge match.
  • Rhea Ripley fits RIGHT IN with these two girls. She could stand to slow down a little bit, but she's way ahead of where she should be at this age.
  • Charlotte is doing the majority of the selling, which is a good change of pace.
  • There are a lot of good power strikes, and you can see Rhea feeling the pace out more and more as the match goes on.
  • Ripley takes one of the best Meteoras in recent memory, and breaks up a pin on Sasha after Natural Selection.
  • Ripley eats a Natural Selection and gets to the ropes. Cole says it wouldn't break the count. The rope WILL break a count in a triple threat. It's a no DQ, not a falls count anywhere.
  • Charlotte applies a Figure Eight to Sasha, and Ripley crucifixes Charlotte to get the win. This finish RULED.
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NEW IC Title

  • Sami Zayn comes out and says Corbin won't stand up to him.
  • He reveals the new IC Title to Nakamura. INCREDIBLE.

Undisputed Era defeated Heavy Machinery & New Day

  • Undisputed Era show up and run off Zayn and Nakamura. New Day come out and bring out Heavy Machinery.
  • The crowd is big into this match. Kofi Kingston is selling for a great portion of it and Heavy Machinery doesn't even get in for a while.
  • Otis and Big E almost get into it at ringside, and Tucker has to break it up.
  • Undisputed Era are the perfect team to bump and feed for Otis' hot tag. He gets a great reaction.
  • Tucker with a moonsault!!! What?! This match is insane.
  • Kofi is caught with a High Low outside when he misses an attack.
  • Strong pins Tucker. This ruled.
  • Strong confronts Nakamura at the ramp, but AJ Styles comes out to attack.
  • The OC has been ranting, and they get CM Punk chants, but Styles says that he would wipe the floor with Punk. This was weird.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz

  • Daniel Bryan comes out and throws to a video. He shows the history of he and THE FIEND.
  • The lights go out and Bray Wyatt doesn't show up. The Miz does, and we have a match that a lot of people thought would be on a WrestleMania.
  • Cole says this feud has been going on well over a decade. It hasn't.
  • They go through a lot of the hits, but there's a good noise over the crowd as they do it.
  • Daniel Bryan finally gives in to do the YES dropkick, but the lights go out.
  • The Fiend shows up and applies the Mandible Claw to Daniel Bryan.

Bayley and Shayna

  • Bayley is interviewed backstage and says that she's not backing down from anyone.
  • Baszler comes out to the ring and calls Bayley out about an hour later.
  • Bayley attacks from behind and Baszler is livid. Bayley does an awesome job playing this up like she barely made it out.

Team Corbin defeated Team Reigns

  • We see the Smackdown roster backstage partying or something, not listening to King Corbin, but getting quiet when Roman Reigns stands up.
  • Backstage, Corbin drops a line about Ali being from Chicago, which I thought was a great way to remind the live crowd. Zayn shows up and annoys Corbin, Ziggler and Roode, who are plotting to get Roman & co. beat up.
  • It is very dumb to have this match before Survivor Series.
  • Ali gets a great reaction.
  • Chad Gable is double slammed onto the announce table in a great spot.
  • Reigns is great in this match and it's weird that they almost never have anything great creatively for him.
  • Ali gets a hot tag to a good reception. Corbin has trouble keeping up, but recovers well. Ali is on fire.
  • The match breaks down, and King Corbin pins Ali with a Deep Six. Good way to help establish that move.
  • For some dumbass reason, Corbin wants to hurt his partners on Sunday even more and goes to attack them, but Reigns takes them out.
  • Team Raw comes out.
  • The big Rollins vs. Reigns face-off.........and the crowd chants for CM Punk.
  • Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Road Dogg leading NXT in via a Jeep.
  • A lot of these segments and promos involving Triple H in this NXT invasion have had call-backs to some of his more iconic promos and moments.
  • Hoooo boy Keith Lee and Braun go face-to-face

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