Match Ratings For WWE Smackdown Live For 7/10/18 From Sean Ross Sapp

Miz TV

  • Miz comes out and introduced Team Hell No, who he says he's trying to pay respect to.
  • Kane keeps Daniel Bryan calm as Miz says this is like Nsync reuniting.
  • Kane says Nsync will never reunite because Justin Timberlake is too big. Yep. 
  • Miz rolls footage of the two not on the same page, which he says that he didn't plan on. Bryan gets worked up and Kane says they need to focus on Bludgeon Brothers.
  • Sanity and Bludgeon Brothers show up and jump Team Hell No, but are saved by members of New Day. That doesn't last long, as they get beat down. 
  • Sanity uses a version of the Magic Killer (a powerslam variation) to take out Big E. Finlay and Adam Pearce come out to break up the fight.
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AJ Styles defeated Shinsuke Nakamura via DQ

  • This match is happening again. Rusev comes out and says this Sunday is Rusev Day and it will haunt him.
  • Styles cracks Nakamura with a huge dropkick. During the commercial, Nakamura cracks Styles with a knee.
  • Rusev: "Sheamus tried to put me in a calf thing and he couldn't, they're too big. Follow me on Instagram to see how big my calves are."
  • Nakamura is on tonight. A front suplex and a knee in the corner. 
  • A Styles Ushigoroshi hits, but AJ struggles to get out of a triangle armbar from Nakamura.
  • Rusev ends up causing a DQ by attacking Styles.
  • Nakamura is just about to clobber Styles, but Jeff Hardy makes the save, which prompts Paige to come out and make a TAAAAAAAAAAG TEAM MATCH PLAYAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
  • Man, Smackdown Live is keeping the goddamn tradition alive, eh?

Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura (w/ Aiden English) defeated Jeff Hardy & AJ Styles

  • Bear hug trade. Stop the presses.
  • Jeff Hardy hits the laziest splash I've ever seen. If I were him, I'd take the leg drop to the penis out of the arsenal. He gets Whisper in the Wind anyway.
  • Rusev takes out Styles with a Machka Kick
  • Nakamura drops Jeff Hardy RIGHT ON HIS PENIS. Machka Kick and the pin.


Lumberjack Match
Asuka defeated James Ellsworth (w/ Carmella)

  • Backstage, Ellsworth tells Carmella he has this handled and winks at Carmella. She goes off on him for it.
  • Ellsworth disrobes and says he knows he's tempting, but he wants some respect from the lumberjacks.
  • Ellsworth leaves the ring to avoid Asuka's spinning back fist -- a nice callback from last week. Naomi and Becky throw him back in the ring and he begs off. Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose just stare him down.
  • Asuka lands a kick, but whiffs with her running ass attack.
  • All the lumberjacks end up fighting, but Becky Lynch catches Ellsworth. She and Naomi drag Ellsworth back, but the Lumberjacks attack again.
  • This is sloppy as shit.
  • Asuka jumps onto the pile, then kicks Ellsworth into Carmella. She wins with the Asuka Lock.
  • Carmella attacks and sprays shit in Asuka's face. Not literal shit. I dunno what's actually in the bottle.
  • James Ellsworth offers Paige a kiss backstage. Instead, she books him above the ring this Sunday in a shark cage.

Andrade Cien Almas (w/ Zelina) defeated Sin Cara

  • Sin Cara comes out hot with a suicide dive, but we go to commercial shortly after.
  • Andrade and Zelina's Tranquilo pose is during the break. Bummer
  • Sin Cara hits a swinging piledriver. A piledriver isn't hunky dory with WWE, but whatever Sin Cara just did was?
  • Almas CRACKS Sin Cara with a back elbow, but gets heaved out of the ring.
  • Slingshot rana to the outside, but Cara powerbombs himself pretty much.
  • They're really throwing it out there. Almas and Sin Cara wrestling like they got bumped from the show three weeks in a row.
  • Cara HOLDS ONTO THE DAMN ROPES for the Del Rio stomp spot. Knees in the corner win it, but the Del Rio spot took a bit off for me. 

Team Hell No & New Day defeated Sanity and Bludgeon Brothers

  • Kane the NSYNC fan is solid. 
  • WWE Smackdown literally just had three commercial breaks within five minutes, so it's hard for me to really get started on this match.
  • Harper gets a nice Michinoku Driver, and Xavier answers with a tornado DDT.
  • Daniel Bryan gets a hot tag and tries a Yes Lock on Eric Young. Shit breaks down big time, including a Black Hole Slam from Harper, and Big E launching Kofi over the top rope.
  • Big E with the YOLO DIVE on Dain. Bryan wins over Young with his big Knee.
  • Sanity are JTTS'.
  • Daniel Bryan can't get pyro going until the third try. Cute finish to Smackdown Live. 
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