Match Ratings For WWE Super Showdown/SANDS Of Time From Sean Ross Sapp


  • This pre-show is garbage. I'm already tired of hearing "the equivalent, if not exceeding WrestleMania." Nah, son. That ain't it.
  • WWE should film Nattie or Alexa winning the 24/7 Title backstage in Saudi Arabia. HISTORY MADE. They were flown over just to not wrestle.
  • I actually kind of admire WWE finding ways to pull the wool over Saudi Arabia's eyes on these shows by booking the biggest battle royal in WWE history, the WWE WORLD CUP, and the GREAAAAATEST Royal Rumble. They have like nine more years of shows, so it should get hilarious
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The Usos defeated The Revival

  • This match should have probably been at Money in the Bank, and The Revival should have been built better before the last week. Where are the TAG CHAMPIONS?
  • These are two of the best teams in wrestling history, doing good tag team work. The Usos and Revival are two of my favorite teams of all-time to watch. I was perhaps as excited for this match as any. WWE had already rendered it not as special because of the build, and it happened on Raw weeks ago.
  • The broadcast is a little darker than usual.
  • This is a good pace, with fundamental work in the right spots without it slowing to a crawl.
  • Usos have Dash pinned, but Dawson distracts the ref. A nice spinebuster follows.
  • Usos win with a bunch of superkicks.
  • Fun match, but 50/50 booking.

WWE Universal Championship
Seth Rollins (c) defeated Baron Corbin

  • Rollins admitted that he's less than 100 percent today, and they're really playing up Lesnar cashing in.
  • Corbin attacks the "injured ribs" of Rollins really well. Even in rest holds in 100 degree heat, Corbin does well here. Something has really clicked for Corbin lately.
  • Corbin goes from bear hug to belly-to-back suplex.
  • Rollins does a series of suicide dives.
  • Corbin has three specific moves that look as good, if not better, than anything else on Raw. He hits two of them in the Ripcord slam and Deep Six.
  • Rollins counters both an End of Days and the Bossman spot.
  • For some reason, Corbin grabs a chair and argues with the ref. This is something.
  • The ref gets in Corbin's face and Rollins rolls him up. This was a dumb finish.
  • The entire last minute of that match made Corbin look horrible. He hits an End of Days on Rollins after.
  • Brock Lesnar comes out and gets punched RITP after Heyman trips and drops the briefcase.
  • Rollins destroys Lesnar with the chair and stomps Lesnar onto the briefcase.
  • That was a damn good post-match angle with Corbin, Lesnar, Rollins and Heyman. I enjoyed that.
  • Brock Lesnar selling his ass off for Rollins' beatdown. His elbow is jacked up.
  • Later, Baron Corbin isn't happy about this.

Intercontinental Title
Demon Finn Balor (c) defeated Andrade

  • I'm so beyond over the Demon character. Why doesn't he do this all the time? Why does he move/act different? Why haven't any of these questions been answered?
  • There are "NXT" chants.
  • The action is hard hitting between these two, and very strike-based. Balor switches that up with a Bloody Sunday.
  • I don't know what happened on the double moonsault, but it was off just a tad and made it look bad.
  • Slingblade in the second straight match.
  • They're really knocking the shit out of each other. Andrade plants Demon with a Hammerlock DDT, but the sparse crowd doesn't seem to realize it's his finish.
  • Balor does a top rope Impaler and the Coup de Grace for the win.

Shane McMahon (w/ Drew McIntyre) defeated Roman Reigns

  • Shane McMahon, just DAMP, brings out Drew McIntyre.
  • Former world champion and multiple time WrestleMania winner Roman Reigns struggles to get out of a chinlock from Shane McMahon, who has no hooks in or anything to block Reigns' hip from sitting out or turning in towards the hold.
  • Reigns gets out and hits his clotheslines. They look bad.
  • A mid-air chop block from Shane looks good to counter the Superman punch.
  • Reigns turns a Shane triangle into a sitdown powerbomb.
  • Reigns takes out Drew outside. He Superman punches Shane McMahon off the rop rope, too.
  • Drew McIntyre squeezes in and hits Claymore. Shane McMahon wins.
  • This wasn't great, but there were some good spots.
  • Aside from Brock Lesnar, Shane McMahon has the most creative force behind him among WWE heels

Lars Sullivan defeated Lucha House Party via DQ

  • Next up is the WWE Unified Nightingale Championship
  • Lucha House Party stiff Lars Sullivan with regularity.
  • I loved Lars knocking the entire team off the apron
  • I'm confused why in storyline Ziggler got a title match. Did Kofi request it? Ziggler hasn't won a singles match in six months, and hasn't had one in 2019.
  • Lars mows some of the guys down.
  • Lucha House Party knock Lars off the top rope, and get DQ'd.
  • They really jump Lars.
  • Lars comes back outside and beats them all up. Why not just have him win, then?
  • There was no heat for this and a really lame finish that dragged me completely out of this.

Randy Orton defeated Triple H

  • We start off with METHODICAL Triple H.
  • Orton goes for an RKO, and laughs when he can't get it. The crowd is all about this with "this is awesome" chants.
  • If the Saudi crowd loves matches like Triple H and Randy Orton as it seems they do, WWE has a whoooooooooole lot they can go to the well with.
  • Orton's hand and arm gets attacked onto the stairs.
  • Orton kills HHH with a Singh Bomb. Triple H didn't land well.
  • This match is very, very slow, mixed with big clotheslines and dropkicks here and there.
  • Triple H hits the SUCK IT, and walks into a powerslam.
  • A Triple H spinebuster connects. The crowd likes this match, which is the important part. It's not quite my speed, but the live crowd is all about it.
  • A big RKO lands to a huge pop from a Pedigree counter, but Triple H kicks out. Orton avoids the pin after a Pedigree himself.
  • There was a nice tease of the punt.
  • Triple H returns the favor with a series of Singh Bombs.
  • HHH runs right into another huge RKO. Orton wins.
  • This match got a big bump from the great crowd.

Braun Strowman 4.75/10

  • Braun throws a platform off the stage.
  • There is a test of strength, then he shows off his agility.
  • This is a 1980s hoss battle if the hosses weren't roided up and could move.
  • They take turns mowing each other down.
  • Lashley suplexes Braun on the steel in an impressive spot.
  • Strowman running powerslams Lashley twice for the win.

WWE Championship
Kofi Kingston (c) (w/ Xavier Woods) defeated Dolph Ziggler

  • I'm confused why in storyline Ziggler got a title match. Did Kofi request it? Ziggler hasn't won a singles match in six months, and hasn't had one in 2019.
  • Crowd is dead under three hours in. I get these are WRESTLEMANIA EQUIVELANTS, but maybe the length isn't so hot?
  • Ziggler and Kofi start out slower than I thought. I was sold a ticket on the SOS, though.
  • Ziggler hit a big DDT on Kofi early, too.
  • Kofi's Trust Fall was insane.
  • Ziggler took out Xavier, which was his undoing, because Xavier kicked him in the face.
  • Trouble in Paradise hits and that's a win.
  • Ziggler flips out backstage about how Kofi Kingston won. Ziggler demands another match with Kofi in a steel cage match.

50 Man Battle Royal
Mansoor wins

  • Shinsuke Nakamura unceremoniously back on TV. The Singhs are in the match.
  • The entire ring jokes about Titus sliding.
  • Elias sings about Jeddah, and is attacked by the Miz.
  • This is a goddamn mess. My god.
  • Authors of Pain unceremoniously return.
  • EC3 was the first person out. Yeesh
  • AOP eliminate Tucker, but they're both eliminated by Viking Raiders.
  • Titus was hiding under the ring and FIRES UP.
  • A Twist of Fate eliminates Matt Hardy.
  • Why the hell was R-Truth even on the plane if he isn't in this match, or any match?
  • Ricochet body scissors Jinder out.
  • Rowan throws out Xavier and Otis barely catches him.
  • The Usos eliminate Rowan, then The Revival toss them. 33-33-33 BOOKING.
  • Sin Cara gets some shine during his first match back.
  • There's NO HEAT for this.
  • Miz and Roode go back and forth, but Roode is out.
  • This is a monumental waste of time, but at least the crowd got into the It Kicks
  • Ali and Ricochet eliminate Joe, and a series of events unfold that lead to Elias and Mansoor. Jesus.
  • Mansoor wins and the crowd loves it.
  • He shakes Ali's hand after the match. This was a good moment for the live crowd.
  • Mansoor gets "you deserve it chants" for the hard work he's put in since roughly 2015. He cuts a pretty good promo.

Undertaker defeated Goldberg

  • Goldberg's dumb ass headbutted something again.
  • Spear. Spear, Undertaker kicks out and sits up.
  • Goldberg brought his wife and son. To Saudi Arabia.
  • Goldberg applies a heel hook. He's busted open after going into a post too hard.
  • Chokeslam, Tombstone. Goldberg got spiked right on his goddamn head.
  • Goldberg with a spear and a half ass Jackhammer for 2.
  • Undertaker and Goldberg fall flat on their asses trying to reverse into a Tombstone.
  • Goldberg is as bad as he ever was. Maybe don't slam your head into shit before and during a match where your cooperation is required to prevent it from being a total trash fire.

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