Matt Cardona: Without Z! True Long Island Story, There Would Be No BTE And No AEW

Ask and you shall receive.

Matt Cardona has held many championships throughout his career, but the one that never leaves his side, unless he loses it, is the Internet Championship. The belt was created in 2011 on Z! True Long Island Story, which was a YouTube show created by Cardona during his WWE tenure.

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While speaking with Sam Roberts on Not Sam Wrestling, Cardona made a bold claim regarding the influence of Z! True Long Island Story.

"It changed the business. Tell me that Z! True Long Island Story didn't change the business. Tell me to my face that it didn't change the business. All these kids vlogging. The BTE show that started AEW. Really, I'm responsible for AEW. I'll say it right now, without Z! True Long Island Story there would be no BTE and there would be no E...ah, let's do that again. This is live pal. We're live pal," Cardona said with a laugh before trying again. "Without Z! True Long Island Story there would be no BTE and there would be no AEW. Quote me on that. Clickbait headline, Sean Ross Sapp gonna run with that, baby. I like Fightful Select, they have a good Patreon. If you want to get a really good Patreon, go to You can listen to the Major Wrestler podcast early, bonus content, bonus interviews, bonus merch."

Z! True Long Island Story started in February 2011 and lasted 100 episodes. Being The Elite was started in 2016 by The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) and Kenny Omega.

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Cardona is currently part of the OTT Eighth Year Anniversary tour. Fans can find results from the tour at Fightful's results section.

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