Matt Hardy Explains The Origins Of The AHFO's Stairwell Business Meetings

Matt Hardy explains how the AHFO ended up conducting business in a stairwell.

Matt Hardy and Andrade El Idolo recently joined forces in a new business venture called the AHFO. In reality, Andrade has just become a new leader in the Hardy Family Office. Most of their business is done in a stairwell during backstage vignettes on AEW programming.

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While that is not the most professional place to do business, it has become the office for the AHFO. Now, Matt Hardy is telling the origin of the stairwell business meetings.

Speaking on a recent Twitch stream, Matt Hardy explained that their original pre-tape was scheduled to take place in a more proper setting, but they were told by the venue that they could not film in that area they'd chosen, leading to a stairwell being the best place for them to shoot their very first segment together and then, it just became a running bit.

“We had a location, we'd shoot, and we were all there. We're all set, and we're going to shoot this pre-tape, right? 90 seconds, whatever, two minutes for TV. Then we get there and we're starting to shoot and all these people from the building said, ‘No, no. No cameras are allowed here! You can't shoot in this area. This is off-limits, you can't shoot.’ So we had to change this whole — it wasn't anything like, it wasn't like we're by some key information, confidential information by the War Room, or area 51, or like the sports team’s locker room or anything, it wasn't any location like that. But for some reason, this one was off-limits. So they pretty much used all the other locations they'd kind of scouted out for us. So then, the show had started and we're pushing it to do this [shoot]. We're running late and the place where we had the least amount of noise, and the most privacy, was in a staircase, and we're saying, of course, This looks absurd. We're doing this business meeting in a staircase.”

He continued, “Jess Palombo, who does a ton of the pre-tapes at AEW, she actually said the responses she got to that, after the pre-tape being in the stairwell, were just entertaining the hell out of her, and she's like, ‘We should just do them all in a stairwell.’ I was like, ‘Fine. That's great.’ So now, that's our new thing. That's where the AHFO does business, in the stairwell.”

Matt Hardy previously revealed that Andrade paid him over $1,000,000 for the right to have partial ownership of the AHFO. Learn more here.

Outside of his business on-screen, Matt Hardy is regularly providing updates on his brother, Jeff Hardy, who he recently revealed received a clean drug test result following his final test conducted by WWE. Learn more here.

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