Matt Hardy, Jeff Jarrett Comment On The Hardys' Departure; 'Broken' Gimmick Ownership Contention

Matt & Jeff Hardy are leaving Impact Wrestling.

It's official.

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We don't know yet if Matt's wife Reby is going to get a new pair of gold hoop earrings in the bargain, but we do know that there is a sudden absence of Broken Brilliance in the Zone of Impact.

We know this because Matt formally announced it on Twitter:

That was an incredibly gracious good-bye from a guy who's supposed to be bat-poop insane.

And here we get a possible insight into his future plans:


We also got some comments from new assumed de facto TNA boss Jeff Jarrett on the situation, bringing even more closure to this ordeal.

So no hard feelings from Double J.

However, from all accounts, it wasn't Jarrett who was representing Impact Wrestling during the negotiations. It was new President Ed Nordholm who (allegedly) basically said "Take it or leave it," which prompted Jeff to immediately leave it, and created the atmosphere where Matt followed suit soon after.

And now we might have another battle on our hands, over who owns the Broken-ness.

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that both Matt Hardy and Impact Wrestling believe they own the gimmick.

This could get ugly.

Apparently Matt is under the impression that his current deal allows Impact to 'profit off of anything already filmed having to do with ANY gimmick he used throughout the course of his contract' but that he would retain ownership of his name and characters if he ever left the company.

However, PWS's sources close to Impact Wrestling tell a different story. The company claims that Hardy's current contract specifies that Impact Wrestling owns all IP creations.

And now, we wait to see how TNA will handle the Tag Titles during the tapings on Thursday.

And we wait to see if Reby Hardy tweets out a picture of her wearing some brand new gold jewelry.

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