Matt Hardy Says Jeff Hardy Will Tell The Details Of His Final Night In WWE When He's Ready

Matt Hardy comments on his brother, Jeff Hardy’s, current state of mind after Jeff re-surfaced in a new Matt Fact vignette.

Jeff Hardy was released by WWE on Thursday, December 9, 2021, following Jeff exiting a WWE live event match, shortly after making a tag to Drew McIntyre.

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Now, Jeff Hardy has resurfaced in a new Matt Hardy vignette alongside Matt's children, the younger Hardy Boyz. Following the vignette, which first debuted on Twitch, Matt Hardy explained how much fun he's had reconnecting with his brother and also stated that Jeff will be making appearances on the House Hardy Twitch now that he no longer is working for WWE.

"Yeah, I mean, that was great. I mean, that was fun. It was just like our chemistry. Once you have great chemistry with someone on top of just being a partner, a tag team partner, who's been doing this for a quarter-century. We're brothers, and we just we're always on the same wavelength as far as that goes.

"[Jim Ross] would use this expression quite a bit. It is very, very true. Jeff and I worked so well together because he'd say, 'Matt Hardy is the steak, Jeff is the sizzle.' That is such a good analogy. It just as far as being the steak and sizzle and I gave Jeff that reference."

When asked if Matt Hardy had any issues regarding his brother being considered the sizzle of the team, Matt Hardy would say that he's very proud of his brother and he is very confident in his own career.

“I'm very comfortable with all that. I mean you have to be. It's just like when people talk about being compared to other wrestlers like me, especially me as a singles [wrestler], I do really well on my own. I'm very well known and popular on my own. But like when you compare me to my tag team partner, Jeff Hardy is one of the most popular wrestlers in the history of this industry. I mean, there's no one like him, and he really is unique. He really is special. I mean when he had his run in 2008-2009 I mean he was almost on the same level as John Cena [in terms of] popular, it was just outrageous. So when it comes to like being compared to him and like people try and match me with Jeff like we're just two totally different animals and you can't really compare us on that level.”

Furthermore, Matt Hardy discussed where his brother is at this stage in his life and said that he feels confident end where Jeff Hardy is and says that when it's time for Jeff to tell his story, he will detail what happened on his final night in WWE.

"For the people who were worried about Jeff, who were concerned about Jeff, I'm here to tell you, he is good, and there's no reason to be worried or concerned about him. I'm gonna say this, I'm going to preach here for a second. In 2003, When my brother was first released from WWE, I was worried about him. He was in a very dark place, we were still young. We were new, and this stuff was all kind of new to us, I was very legitimately worried and concerned for my brother then. Then it took a couple of years. But he kind of got through that stage. Then later on there were, obviously, points in time where Jeff and myself, we both had issues, because our bodies were so beat up, with pills and whatnot. We both got past that. Jeff does not have any kind of issue with that. I do not, we will not, I never will."

"Then in 2019, there was a time when there was so much drama going on and Jeff had his issues with alcohol, which are very well documented. WWE ended up having him go to rehab at that point. After he got through that period, that was a very good experience for him. He learned so much. I could communicate with him a lot better because I had also experienced that same type of deal and we had that in common that we could talk about it and our relationship was also strained then, because myself and my wife, were doing all that we could to hold Jeff and his family accountable because we were concerned about them over his behavior. I was concerned about Jeff then. But for the last year and a half couple years, Jeff has been the best version of himself that I have ever seen."

Jeff Hardy was drug tested by WWE according to his brother and Matt Hardy says that he is confident the results will come back clean based on what his brother has told him.

"So what I am saying is that Jeff is in the best place. I've seen him in a very long time, as far as the details of what went down on that evening. In that match on that night, I have talked with Jeff, I feel good about everything he said. That is Jeff's story to share. I'm sure he will, when he is ready to actually he's told me he will when he's ready to do but before anyone rushes to judgment. Obviously, they drug tested him after all this stuff, wait to hear the results of that. When that comes back clean, then, you know, hopefully, people will feel better about you know, because I feel very good about Jeff, I feel confident about Jeff and WWE, I understand their stance too. They feel like they were kind of backed into a corner because of his history and even though they may have jumped the gun with this a little bit, you know, they made a decision and it is what it is and Jeff did say he wasn't going to go to rehabilitation because he didn't think he needed to and I don't think he did either, and that's the honest to God's truth. So that is where that lies.”

It has been announced by the Miramar Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that Jeff Hardy will be taking part in an event there on Thursday, December 16.

Jeff is also, according to Matt, lining up more musical performances and outside of this video with his brother, has not publicly made any moves regarding the world of wrestling.

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