Matt Hardy: Triple H Taking Over WWE Is A Game-Changer, He's More Tuned In To 2022 Wrestling

Matt Hardy talks about Triple H assuming control of WWE creative.

2022 will always be remembered as the year that Vince McMahon retired. In his place, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan are Co-CEOs of WWE and Triple H has taken over creative. In the weeks since these shake-ups, many in the world of wrestling have commented on the move and the potential impact Vince McMahon's retirement will have on the wrestling world as a whole.

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Matt Hardy, who began working for WWE nearly twenty years ago, is the latest to give his input. On the latest episode of his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt calls Triple H’s new role a potential game-changer for the industry, crediting Hunter for being more in tune with modern wrestling.

“This deal with Triple H taking over WWE is a game-changer. I mean, on top of that, it also opens up the door for so many people to go back,” Matt said. “There are so many more people that have a better relationship with Triple H than Vince, Triple H, I have already spoken to people that are there, Triple H has already been so much more accessible from the people I've talked to there with the current experience. So it's great. It's a very good thing. I also think it's going to make the competition in the industry healthier as well. Because now it's like, once again, I'm Team AEW. Whatever team I'm playing for, I am waving that flag til my dying day. But it is a good thing because there are people that could potentially leave AEW, they might end up going to WWE and they would be more apt to do that because Triple H is in charge. So I think that's a super positive thing.

Matt Hardy also spoke about the belief that AEW has a loaded roster and stated that was by design. Matt Hardy also said that the new changes in WWE will benefit everyone because, with Triple H in charge, the mindset in WWE won't be as antiquated

“[AEW’s] got a big roster. I mean that was by design, you know? They have plenty of people that you could cycle off. Each week, Dynamite looks different. Also, we're building a Ring of Honor roster as well. So that's definitely intentional. But it is a positive thing and another huge positive to Triple H running WWE now, Vince, it is what it is, but his views and his mindset about pro wrestling, were a little bit antiquated, and that's no slant on him, I’m not trash talking him. It's just because he's an older guy. I mean, as we get older, it is definitely much harder to keep up with what is new and what is trendy and have your finger on the pulse of pro wrestling. Triple H is much more tuned in to 2022 pro wrestling, much like Tony Khan is. So I think now you have two guys who really have their fingers on the pulse of pro wrestling. So I think that's going to benefit everyone,” Matt Hardy said.

AJ Styles recently spoke about the changes to WWE as well. AJ says there is a lot of positivity backstage but he is still wrapping his mind around no longer working for Vince McMahon. Read more here.

As for Matt Hardy, he and Triple H had very open lines of communication in the past. Triple H even offered Matt Hardy the opportunity to portray his broken character in an effort to keep Matt Hardy in WWE prior to him leaving for AEW. Learn more here.

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