Matt Hardy Warns Of A Second Coming, Thanks Randy Orton For Completing His Transformation

For the first time in many moons, it appears that Matt Hardy knows who he is and what is next, for not only himself but his essence and his vessel.

For quite some time, leading up to the expiration of his WWE contract in March, Matt Hardy had been releasing videos on YouTube proclaiming himself to be in limbo. Now, following his Monday Night Raw send off and a vicious beatdown for the second week in a row by Randy Orton, Matt has released a new video and it appears he has returned to his state of mind prior to his 2017 return to WWE.

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Matt Hardy would begin the video by explaining his mindset going into the Monday Night Raw confrontation in Everett, Washington with Randy Orton.

"Less than a week ago, I made a proclamation to the world that I wasn't killable, that Matt Hardy was unkillable. And it's definitely a pretty strong statement considering the condition was in," Hardy began. "I'd already been viciously assaulted by Randy Orton, a victim of a conchairto. Suffered neck, head trauma, but me being Matt Hardy, the man who is stronger than death, the man who will not die, Mas fuerte que la muerte, I took it upon myself to find out if folks truly until I got my ass on a plane. I flew to the West Coast, to Everett, Washington. I walked to the ring live on Monday night Raw. I confronted "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton. I got to his face and I was ready to fight. Now, don't get me wrong. I knew going in so injured, I had no chance of winning a battle against one of the greatest professional wrestlers in the history of the industry. But I had to see, I had to see if Randy Orton could kill me off, if he could end me. If you watched it, you saw me when he was getting in the ring. I said, finish me, finish me, finish me, finish me! I had to know. And I was a victim of another vicious assault. I was the victim of a violent assassination. Randy Orton didn't kill me. He may have bought me a trip to the hospital. Now, I'm home. and I'm speaking and breathing and I'm recuperating. But I am alive. I am truly unkillable."

It is at this point where Matt Hardy's broken brilliance appears to resurface and fans get a taste of what is next for Matt Hardy.

“How long did you think a medical facility could maintain an abomination like me?! Yes! Brother Keith, killer of legends. Yes, oddly enough, I must say thank you, because without your violent assassination, yes, my transformation couldn't have been complete,” Hardy admitted in a very unique way. "We had to bury-- we had to witness the burial of the Hardy Boyz version of Matt Hardy. But as I sit here in my beloved chair in wheels on the magical Hardy Compound, yes. We are now only a matter of days away from the rebirth, the reincarnation, the resurrection, yes of my essence, yes. We are only a few days away from the second coming of the new and omnipotent version of Matt Hardy."

As of this writing, Hardy has not reportedly signed a new deal with WWE. It is unknown where he will end up.

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