Matt Riddle: "Goldberg Can't Wrestle" and Brock Doesn't Take Enough Pride In His Work

Matt Riddle recently did an interview with Sporting News and we got more insight on his opinion of both Goldberg and Brock Lesnar.

Riddle has been doing great for himself. It's no secret that the WWE has interest in him and while it is something fans would love to see, it would be difficult to drag Riddle away from his current success.

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“I know they're watching (laughs), They like what they see. I think what they're kind of doing is, you know, when I had the tryout and they said yes and then they kind of strung me around and then said maybe and strung me around a little longer and said no. I think that was a big test. What's he going to do, quit? Run? Try to go back to MMA? What's he going to do? I think what I did was I stuck to my guns and I was like you're not going to sign me? Awesome. I'm going to make you guys regret that decision.”

“I talked to William Regal not too long ago and other WWE people and I basically told them my schedule, how much I make right now, and how I have the freedom to see my family every single week. I go, 'Can you match that? Match that money, match that schedule, match the time I have with my family?' And they can't. They couldn't. They can't even come close. So right now, I'm the happiest guy I could be."

Riddle also talks about WWE talent and what he thinks about Goldberg's in ring abilities. It would be an understatement to say he is not a fan.

“Bill Goldberg can't wrestle, That's it. He knows it. The fact that the guy is very bold and claims he does MMA training and I know that's bulls—. I saw him throw a knee on Rusev his first night back on Raw and he almost broke his hip when he fell on his back and they had him spear him and jackhammer him quick. His work in the ring — people always go 'it's Goldberg, he can have a one minute match' or whatever. Yeah, it's one minute because he can't work more than one minute. If he works more than one minute, it could Botchamania, you know? Even with one minute, it's Botchamania almost. Let's be honest, if we get more than a one minute match from Bill Goldberg, it's gonna suck, So, I hope he only wrestles for one minute whether he wins or loses, whatever. He's never been my cup of tea. I don't like how he acts like he's a shoot-style guy. I hated it when he did commentary for Strikeforce in MMA because he's not a legit, credible character. He's an old man who hits a jackhammer and a spear. He can't even do a kimura. If Bill wants to go in the gym, there doesn't even have to be cameras, if he wants to roll and train and see what it's like to be in the ring with a real stallion, he can. Any day, any time."

"Bill Goldberg is a pro wrestler. I do sport wrestling. I'm a real fighter. I'm a real athlete. I'm a sport athlete. He did football then parlayed that into doing a spear and jackhammer and then WCW let him go 250-0 and he got over. Let me beat Hulk Hogan in one minute, clean, for the title and see how my stock rises. It doesn't matter who you put in that situation. It just so happens they take the guy that couldn't wrestle for over a minute or two. And he's responsible for ruining Bret Hart's career and others and I could go on. There's multiple reasons why I don't like Goldberg and, foremost, it's because he doesn't deserve it.”

You can hear more of Riddle's thoughts on Goldberg during the Bro-Cast with Sean Ross Sapp.

Riddle is not shy from speaking his true feelings on Goldberg, but how does he feel about Goldberg's WrestleMania 33 opponent "The Beast" Brock Lesnar?

“I would have so much fun, I've actually dreamt about being in the ring with Brock and I don't do that often because I get in the ring with most people. I just dream of him kicking me really hard and me just jumping back and f—ing him up even harder.”

Matt also says that Lesnar should have more pride in his pro-wrestling career.

“I feel like he likes the fighting stuff, he likes the amateur stuff, but he doesn't hold the pro wrestling stuff on the same pedestal that he should. Me, I walk around with my belt. I walk around with my belts in airports, everywhere else. I'm proud of everything I do in sports entertainment and I feel like a lot of guys are like, I won't say embarrassed, but are not eager to tell people 'I'm a pro wrestler.' Me, first thing I tell people when they go what do you do for a living? I'm a pro wrestler. I'm a sports entertainer. I'm a sport wrestler so you should see my s—. I don't hide it. Yeah, I fought in the UFC and I was badass back then too. I'm still badass. Right now, I'd be the champion in the UFC but instead I'm the champ of pro wrestling.”

Riddle is guaranteed to have his hands full this coming weekend where he will be apart of EVOLVE, WWN SuperShow and Progress Wrestling.

You can catch Matt Riddle on Fightful's Thursday Brocast every week.

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