Matt Sydal Says There Were A Lot Of "Monitor Sell Outs" At The Last Set Of Impact Tapings

WWE, ROH, and NJPW veteran, and Impact Wrestling star Matt Sydal recently spoke to Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can see highlights below, and the full interview at this link.

The positive response to the most recent Impact tapings in Orlando:
"Well, all I can tell you about those tapings are these were the tapings where I was most heavily involved. I was integral to these tapings and I really felt like I was able to get what I've been trying to say across. As the weeks go on, I think people will be able to enjoy our product, they'll be able to log on, they can watch on POP! I always stand behind the things that I do. I don't listen to those who downplay things nor do I pay attention to those who grovel at our feet and tell us that we're the greatest. For me, that is just noise. I'm out there to produce the best content - The most creative content I can do and express myself through wrestling. If you watch what happened at these tapings, if you're a fan of wrestling, you've got something to watch! I don't know hwo much time you have got in your week to watch wrestling - Quite frankly, you'd be better off walking around a park with your phone not in your hand. But, when you're done with that, come inside and watch Impact."

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The changed feeling backstage at Impact at the last tapings:
"One different thing that I can tell you about backstage was, there were a lot of monitor sell outs this taping. People really wanted to see what was happening in the ring. The production is coming together, the production looks great. Impact is just always improving at all angles. There is a lot of creativity and thought that goes into everything. I'm happy to be a part of it as we move forward. And, I'm happy to move things in the wild direction! I am able to move things and steer things into a direction I've wanted to for my whole career."

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