Matt Taven Wants To See Jonathan Gresham vs. Bryan Danielson In ROH

Matt Taven wants to see this pure wrestling dream match take place in Ring of Honor.

During what some would consider the heyday of Ring of Honor, Bryan Danielson was not only the face of ROH but someone that many considered to be the best pure wrestler in all of the industry.

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Currently, there are those that would consider Jonathan Gresham to be the best pure wrestler in the industry. He is even the holder of the resurrected Ring of Honor Pure Championship.

Speaking with Liam Alexander-Stewart of Inside The Ropes, Matt Taven, one of the top names in Ring of Honor currently, was asked what his Forbidden Door dream match would be. while he says he grew up a big fan of Chris Jericho and would love to have that match, he would forego that match to have the opportunity to see Jonathan Gresham lock up with Bryan Danielson in a Ring of Honor ring.

"Oh man, I mean for me personally just on a selfish level I grew up a huge Chris Jerich fa, you know, there's so many people that you grow up watching but there's only a few that can outdo father time and last long enough for you to meet your idol in the ring. I'm so personally just a selfish fanboy since I was six years old, I would love for it to be standing across the ring from Jericho one day. Honestly, there's so many guys that were from that were used to be in Ring of Honor or cut their teeth in Ring of Honor really made their name and you can pick a name from the very top of any company and they have some sort of Ring of Honor connection and now that everyone's floating around these you know Punk and Bryan Danielson things there would be no bigger treat I think as a fan to see one of those guys return home and it would really kind of change the landscape of things but at the same time I think it would be for those guys personally, I know how I would feel personally of wanting to give back to a place that did so much for me and who knows maybe they wouldn't feel that way but I think it would be just a cool moment and probably really cool for them to come back home.

“Just give them, even if it's over one more night, give those all old ROH fans that tree you know have them banging across a banging on those barricades like the good old days. So I think that's where my mind goes personally at the same time. All the wrestling is so good right now that working with anyone is just like exciting for the fans at the same with that being said we also have such a crazy amount of talented guys in Ring of Honor itself and unfortunately, you know, because of the pandemic we're still waiting on guys like Joe Henry and Mark Haskins and Adam Brooks and oh my gosh, there's so many more guys to be coming over that there there is an unbelievable amount of talent in the Ring of Honor locker room.”

He continued, “So it's like if it happens amazing if it doesn't happen we still have something really amazing so it's really just kind of a win-win for everyone. I would love to see someone returned back home just because I think you know, the documentary lover in myself was a good story like that where everything comes full circle but at the same time man, there's so many talented guys and girls in this locker room that no matter what happens I'm really excited for what Ring of Honor has to show the world.

“I'll keep my Chris Jericho fantasy match out. If I can get Jonathan Gresham and The American Dragon and see them across the room from one another I might have to walk out and be like yeah buddy you gotta get out of the seat I gotta watch this front row. Mr. Bryan Danielson if you're seeing this somehow please, for us fans, you know what I mean, just give us one thing... lock up with The Octopus.”

Currently, Bryan Danielson and CM Punk are both reportedly heading to AEW. However, Bryan Danielson has been open in recent interviews about wanting to work for more than one promotion at a time. Learn more here.

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