Maven Says The Batista Bomb Was One Of The Most Painful Finishing Moves He's Ever Taken

Maven says the Batista Bomb was one of the moves he did not enjoy taking. However, none of that lies on the shoulders of Dave Bautista, rather all of the discomfort is due to gravity being unstoppable no matter how safe Batista tried to be.

From 2001 until 2005, Maven was a WWE Superstar. His peak as a top performer came in 2004 when he was working opposite the members of Evolution in the build-up to the WWE Survivor Series.

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This program meant that Maven was on the receiving end of quite a few Batista Bombs and in a new video where he ranks the pain he felt while on the receiving end of specific finishing moves, Maven ranked the Batista Bomb in the most painful category.

Despite this, Maven says that Batista did his best to be as safe as possible whenever delivering the move.

"The Batista Bomb was perfect for Dave. Why? Because it truly showed his aggression," he said. "As a power wrestler, Dave came in with one of the best physiques in the business and when you have a physique that looks so devastating, you want a move that looks equally as devastating. The Batista Bomb did just that. But how did it feel? One night, I believe it was on Raw, I was wrestling Dave, and we were in Cleveland, Ohio. We had a special guest in the audience that night. LeBron James in his first year in the league was ringside. Dave and I actually worked close to him.

"That was the end of the fun night for me in that match," Maven added. "The Batista Bomb that night, and I'm assuming Dave was amped up and Dave was excited, but when he delivered me to the mat, it was definitely one of those moves I felt in general, this was a move I took many times from him, and he always delivered [it] safe. Again, when you're dealing with gravity, and then on top of that, dealing with gravity, and the force from an extremely strong guy, I've had funner nights. Let's just put it that way. The Batista Bomb: I hate this job."

Maven's role in the 2004 WWE Survivor Series would result in him being the WWE Raw GM for one night and on that night, he would face Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Read his thoughts on that night at this link.

Maven also previously revealed that he was slated to return to WWE in 2020, the same year Batista was slated to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Learn how COVID impacted Maven's plans at this link.

Fans can learn about what Maven made from a financial standpoint during his time with WWE at this link.

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