Melissa Santos Says She Trained For Her Lucha Underground Fight Scene

Melissa Santos was the guest on a recent episode of WPW Weekly. You can check out submitted highlights below, and the full podcast at this link.

Workouts as a mom:

Running after this baby is cardio; for any parents, you guys know. She is crawling everywhere, but I just think the same discipline I had before... as an athlete my whole life… that’s why I enjoy wrestling so much. I love watching it. It’s so beautiful. And it takes that discipline and translate it into mommyhood. I have to learn to relax a little bit more. I was able to plan things accordingly before and everything was just more strict. With a child now, you are on their schedule, but I get it in; even if it's like 30 mins. When she was first born and I couldn’t go to the gym, I started working out about a month in, very lightly ; cause having a baby is a big deal. So I let myself heal and I would just do workouts at home.

Her Lucha UG fight scene:

We got the sign off and did some training for it, with the stunt guy and we just did it and it was cool. It was so cool. I had so much fun; I loved watching it. We basically fought all over the temple, it was really neat. I got to go through glass which by the way is sugar, guys. But it really cuts you.

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