Mick Foley To Appear In GCW Countdown Special For Jon Moxley vs. Nick Gage Bout

Jon Moxley and Nick Gage get feedback on their impending brawl from the original King of the Deathmatch, Mick Foley.

On October 9, Jon Moxley and Nick Gage will go at it in a deathmatch. Both men have been feuding for quite some time with Jon Moxley saying he needed his fix of violence via the impending deathmatch. Now, a new preview for the match will be released in full on October 1 with Mick Foley giving his thoughts on both men and the overall influence he has had on Deathmatch wrestling. Also, Jon Moxley and Nick Gage have harsh words for each other.

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The following quotes were sent to Fightful.

MOX began, "All my coaches, all my training partners - they don’t think I should do this match. A lot of my friends don’t think I should do this match, a lot of fans don’t think I should do this match. Do you think my family wants me to do this match? But if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t be me. Now is that a sickness? Is that some kind of compulsion? Do I need to go see a therapist? Or are you the one who’s crazy? I’m living my life the way I want to live it. The things I need in my soul, that’s what I go after."

MOX continued, "They say Nick Gage is the king. I disagree. Not just because the GCW World Championship Belt is in my garage, I disagree because I think I was better than Nick Gage back then (10 years ago), and I’m better than him now. The gap has only widened. I have more tools, more experience… I have a hundred different ways I can beat Nick Gage. I think this folk hero status he has attained has clouded people’s judgment when they imagine what’s going to happen in this match. I’ll take this match wherever I want it."

"I’m a totally different athlete on a totally different level. Now Nick Gage is playing in the big leagues. And this ain’t a joke anymore. This ain’t just a fun night out at GCW where we smash each other over the head with light tubes. No, this is the World Championship, and it means more than it’s ever meant, on October 9th. Nick Gage is going to have to be better than he’s ever been. He’s going to have to be more sadistic, more ruthless and meaner than he’s ever been. Nick Gage is going to have to go farther than he’s ever gone in his life and he cannot make one mistake."

Gage replied, "When I looked in Moxley’s eyes, I saw a man who wants to relive what he used to be. I saw a man who thinks he can still do this deathmatch shit for real? Because come on - he’s not doing real deathmatch shit where he’s at right now. He’s already on top, so it can’t be notoriety he’s looking for. It’s not like he’s trying to get the rub off me. He’s already the man where he’s at. I think it’s like, “am I still fucking tough enough to GO? With the dude who’s been doing this shit forever. Who’s the fucking king of this shit.” I mean, I’ve been doing this for 22 years. The people doing this shit are either retired, dead, or they moved on to other jobs. And then came a second generation, who are also retired, or got other jobs. But I’m still doing this shit. Why? Because I love it. Why? Because of my fans.

"I’m going to bring it, 110%, like I always bring it. I take honor and pride in being the fucking god of deathmatch wrestling. I carry that shit on my back, man. I hold the crown. I take pride in that shit. And I’m gonna go, and I’m gonna bring it to that man. We’re gonna have some real fucking deathmatch shit. Ain’t gonna be none of that bullshit. We’re gonna see if he’s going to be able to handle blood, pouring down his face, or those deep cuts you get… I’ll tell you what, man. I’m going to take that glass scrape it down his back, and carve him open. And when he starts to feel that burn? Maybe he’ll try to bring it outside the ring, and throw fists instead. Yeah he’s going to find out if he wants to do this, or go back to his other job where he doesn’t have to go through hell. He might want to go back home and collect his nice paycheck at his other job. Me? I’m gonna get back to the grind, and keep representing my fucking gang. To the death of me, or until my body can’t do this no more. But I love this shit man

The full countdown special will be available on October 1. You can view a preview above.

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