Mick Foley Discusses His Favorite Moments On Raw

Raw means a lot to Mick Foley.

Talking to The Mirror, Foley opened up about some of this favorite moments on the long running WWE program. Of course, one of Foley's top moments was the night that he won the WWE title from The Rock in 1999. But he also lists some others, including a much more recent moment:

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Wow, that's a tough one. There have been so many great ones. I'd say winning the WWE title for the first time against a gentleman known as The Rock. That was definitely number one. Number two was a really great, wild match I had with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin in 1996. So good that we kept being urged to wrestle longer and longer. And the third one, I really enjoyed being fired by Stephanie McMahon when I was the general manager of Raw. I know that sounds like a strange third one, but it was a great creative rush to be fired by Stephanie.

It's really tough to go wrong with that first WWE title win over the Rock. Not just because I won the title but because it meant so much to Raw. I think that's been voted the top moment on Raw a few times. It was a big moment for me and the company.

When asked about the secret of Raw's longevity, Foley says that WWE is great at constantly mixing things up, but at the same time also does a fantastic job of paying tribute to superstars of the past.

I would say you see more great matches on a more frequent basis now than you used to at the beginning of Raw or even in the Attitude Era. We had great matches, but I think the guys today do it more consistently. I think WWE does a great job of constantly changing things up, of having a nice mixture of new superstars while paying tribute to the superstars of the past.

I just think there's something really special about having a show that is on every week with no off-season. It's just nice to know there is something out there that no matter where somebody's life is headed, Monday Night Raw is one sense of normalcy, something they can always count on.

In the article, Foley noted that he was invited to be a part of Raw 25, but didn't confirm if he'd be a part of the show. He's since confirmed he wouldn't be a part of the show due to a family vacation. 

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