Mick Foley Fired As Raw General Manager

Looks like Mick Foley finally has that time off to get that hip surgery he's been needing so badly.

During the opening segment on Raw, Foley started out reading a prepared statement, apologizing for his actions last week, but things quickly went off the rails.

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From our own Danielle Ortiz's Live Coverage:

Cue Mick Foley live this week on Raw, still introduced as General Manager.

Foley chants going crazy!

Foley says that he is a humble man who has the honor of calling himself General Manager. He is reading from pre-scripted cards. Says he is thankful for Triple H and Stephanie for giving him the opportunity of a lifetime. He apologizes for the Mr. Socko incident. He continues reading from the script and says that for WrestleMania and his own personal sanity, effective immediately, he is taking a leave of absense.


Foley says that he got handed the cards, and goes off! He's Mick Freaking Foley! He keeps having the microphone cut out on him intentionally.

Out comes Stephanie.

Stephanie says she gave him a golden opportunity and then he physically attacked Triple H, and then gave him the cards as another opportunity. She says he can't get anything right and everything is about him being liked. The crowd LOVES Foley tonight.

Stephanie tells Foley "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Sami Zayn then came out to defend Mick Foley to Stephaine McMahon and was swiftly punished by being put in a match against Samoa Joe. (Sami lost, in case somehow you didn't already assume that.)

Later, in a backstage segment, Foley thanked Zayn for sticking up for him, then said his goodbyes to Sheamus & Cesaro and the Cruiserweight Division, gave Bayley a big hug and ran into Triple H on his way out of the building.


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