Mick Foley is a fan of Randy Orton and watching footage of Orton beating him up.

Foley's feud with Orton many years ago was a highlight of Orton's early career in WWE, which included a WrestleMania match with both men on opposing teams and a Hardcore Match at the 2004 edition of Backlash. Going to Twitter earlier this week, Foley talked about how much of a fan he is of Orton's Legend Killer gimmick, which he revived in recent weeks as he's taken out the likes of Edge and Orton.

In fact, Foley's admiration for Orton is so great that his family has a pet named after the Legend Killer.

Orton will now look to take out yet another legend in the form of Big Show as the two are set to have an unsanctioned match on the July 20 episode of Raw.

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