Mick Foley Reveals That His Return To WWE This Month Has Been In The Works Since January

Hours to go...

Tonight at 'Hell In A Cell' Mick Foley will make his return inside of the structure that made him famous as he will referee the WWE Universal Championship match between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns. Foley recently praised both competitors by stating that they were going to have a great match regardless of if he was a part of it or not. The WWE Hall Of Famer returned to RAW this past Monday after being off of WWE TV for well over a year.

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A few days after his return to RAW, Foley joined Busted Open Radio with fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Bully Ray and Dave LaGreca. Bully went on to ask Foley what was Foley going to do tonight to make sure that the fans' attention is focused on Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman and not focused on himself and Foley stated that he's sure the fans will be focused on Reigns and Strowman and while explaining why he thinks that, Mick revealed that his appearance this month has been in the works since January when he was offered a chance to be a part of the 25th anniversary of RAW.

“Yeah, well once that doors shuts the focus will go on them. I don’t think there’s a chance in the world that the people are gonna be focusing on me. Honestly, because its the type of show and the audience, cares enough to tune in above and beyond the regular fan - obviously I hope I get involved in some way." Foley said. "I think that having superstars return is a good thing in doses and in this case, you know this was well in works before. WWE even came to see my special - in the works actually. Yeah, I was gonna say before the tour was announced but that's not quite true but, I had the chance to participate in the 25th anniversary of RAW and I texted Mr. McMahon and I said I appreciate it but I just feel like I have something to offer if you’re willing to wait until September I feel like I could do something more impactful for the 20th anniversary of Hell In A Cell, and so this is case where I have a definite role." Foley revealed. "Its not just a matter of throwing guys out there which we do - 'we' meaning WWE has done in the past, I think the use of Shawn and Taker, Triple H - of course they have the huge match coming up in Australia, so there’s a legit reason for them to be out there. So I think there’s a lesson to be learned - not to overstate it, its too dramatic but guys should have an intention and a purpose for when they come back and I really appreciate being out there with Elias given that he has nothing to do with that match. He gave me a platform - you know that character he’s built, and with the expectation that he’ll be interrupted, I was allowed to kind of piggyback off something he’s built in order to help build that match and I think that’s a great character and the stuff I said about him being a future Universal Champion is not exaggeration so, I’m just really thankful to be out there with a guy like that."


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