Mickie James Details The Difficulties Of Being An Executive Producer For NWA Empowerrr

Mickie James taking on a new role following her WWE release, becoming the executive producer for Empowerrr, an all-women's show held under the NWA banner.

James is one of the most respected wrestlers in the business and has made plenty of friendships and contacts over the years, but taking on the job of an executive producer comes with difficulties that many wouldn't realize until they are in that position.

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"So much is developing and it is completely taken over because I have two months and my name is on it and I have to get it right and it has to be amazing, across the board. I have been working all day, every day, just making calls and trying to make magic happen for this pay-per-view. We have an opportunity to do something really cool and different," James said on AdFreeShows. "The executive producer role, it's given me newfound respect because there are a lot of things at play and a lot of things that need to be answered that I hadn't thought of. I'm just thinking talent and the show and how I want it to be presented, but there is licensing and availability and other promotions and making sure that everyone is gravy. It's a lot. A lot more than I anticipated, but it's cool to see...I'm fortunate because throughout my career I kept a lot of relationships with a lot of my friends and I've tried to treat everyone how I want to be treated so as I'm trying to make this stuff happen, the synergy is good and everyone wants to help make it happen."

Later during the Q&A session, Mickie was asked about securing talent for the show and trying to work with other promotions.

She replied, "There are a lot of things that go into that. I've taken a step back from all of that and just go off my personal relationship because I think I'm trying to do something different. No product right now is doing a female-driven product. In my heart, I go, what's the harm? Why can't we, at least for this one thing, come together and highlight the women? That would be my hope. I don't have any quarrels with anybody and if they want to do business, I'm happy to do business. From what I see and what I want, it's better for everyone in the end. I don't look at roadblocks or hurdles, I just power through them. If it's an issue, I don't ever think it could never happen, maybe they just need to see it first and how powerful it can be."

Mickie said she wants to showcase women who fans may not know and give everyone a platform for the event.

NWA Empowerrr is scheduled for August 28 in St. Louis.

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