Mickie James Knows Trash Bag Incident Wasn't Malicious, Felt It Was Symbolic Of How WWE Treated Her

On April 15, WWE released ten Superstars, including former 5-time Women's Champion Mickie James.

Yesterday, Mickie tweeted a photo of a "care package" being sent to her in a trash bag. WWE took quick action with Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development Triple H announcing that the person responsible had been fired by the company. Stephanie McMahon also reached out and apologized for what had happened.

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Fightful confirmed that Mark Carrano - the former Head of Talent Relations whose position was recently taken over by John Laurinaitis - was on the outs of WWE after being blamed for Mickie James having her items returned in a trash bag.

James has replied to Stephanie McMahon, saying that she appreciates the apology and knows that the act was not malicious. That said, she does find it to be symbolic of the way the company presented her over the last three years.

James added the following statement:

I would like to address this one last time, then we can all move on. I have so many amazing things on the horizon. The last thing I desire is to have any of that tained with ugliness and negativity. I take zero pride or joy in the fact that someone would lose their job ever. Especially something I considered a friend. I am confident that Vince & the McMahons had no idea that this is how we were sent packing. It hurt a fragile me much more ten years ago when my belongings arrived on my doorstep, because WWE was my everything. I've grown as a woman and a person as much as we all have in this business. I am strong today than I've ever been and smart enough to know that it wasn't a deliverate attack on me. However, the symbolism can't be denied. I am sorry that a thoughtless and tone deaf act cost anyone their job. But I am not sorry that I had the courage to ensure it will never happen to anyone else moving forward. So if that's my final mark in this company moving forward I am ok with that. When I first started in this business one of the best pieces of advice I received was, "just leave the business better than you found it kid" and that has always been my ultimate goal. I love you all so much. I am legitmately grateful for my time at WWE and throughout my whole career. I truly hope you are too and perhaps you will join me.

Over the past two years, James had only won a handful of televised matches and hadn't been featured since the Royal Rumble in January.

Mickie recently commented on her release, saying she felt "comfortably uncomfortable" the past two years in WWE. You can find her full comments by clicking here.

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