Mickie James On Picking Tootie Lynn For NWA EMPowerrr, Edge Talks His Process As A Heel | Fight Size

Here is your fight size update for Thursday, July 22:

- Speaking with Bill Prichard of WrestleZone, Mickie James touted the ability of Tootie Lynn.

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“I had a lot of feedback about [Lynn]. And it was like, ‘You gotta look at this Tootie Lynn’ like, ‘if you’re gonna come to St. Louis, please [pick her]’ and that’s what made me pay attention to her in the first place. And then as I obviously researched and did all that, and then when I had a conversation with her, I just fell in love with her. I think she’s got a certain spark about her and she’s got something special about her,” she said of Tootie Lynn, noting that it’d be a huge opportunity and great story for the hometown favorite to win.

“She could potentially win this Cup and then go on to face the Women’s Champion at [NWA 73] and then turn around and be the Women’s Champion. It’s a huge opportunity for anyone, I think, and to be able to give her that opportunity and I think to announce her as the first person to give that opportunity to was really cool. Because I think most people expected that it would be a big name and I think that’s what people expect,” James added, “and I don’t always like to do what people expect.”

- Speaking on the Kurt Angle podcast, Edge explained his mentality when performing as a heel.

“My goal as a heel, I truly wanted to be despised by 100% of that audience. That was my goal. I didn't want one person cheering me. I would try and present myself in a way that there were no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Like you couldn't say, Well, you know, he's got kind eyes. You know, it was like, I wanted you to think that I was the worst, sleazy maniacal, do anything to get to the top. That was really the mantra for Edge at that stage for the Rated R Superstar. All he cares about is a world title. That's it and everything will be geared toward explaining that to the audience. He will use Vickie Guerrero and who's in a position of power to get to the top he will do whatever it is that he needs to do, or whatever chess pieces he needs to move to get there. That's what the character of Edge is going to do. I hope that in doing that, again, 100% of the audience would despise me.”

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