Mickie James Reacts To Recent WWE Releases & Says She Was Preparing To Be One Of The Many Names Cut

Mickie James is reacting to the April 2020 WWE releases and giving some hopeful insight to those affected.

Currently, Mickie James is out with an ACL injury. However, she, like many, was heartbroken to learn the news of the massive layoffs and furloughs made by WWE on Wednesday, April 15th, 2020.

Speaking on the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast, Mickie James spoke about what it's like to be released from WWE and how she was preparing herself to be one of the names that may have been called on that fateful day.

“It was heartbreaking. It was very heartbreaking because I've been in that position before and I know how I handled it the first time compared to [being] very prepared in the moments of like thinking of like alright, 'I could very well get a call today you know because I am out injured and I have been injured,'” said James. “I'm very blessed to still have a job and it's sad because it's my friends and my brothers and my sisters that got let go and it's people that I really love and care about but I don't think this is a for certain, definite, forever thing It's just it's a crappy situation and it sucks and I wouldn't want to be like I wouldn't want to be Vince making these decisions I wouldn't want to be Mark Carano making these calls and I wouldn't want to be the other person on the other line, you know, answering the phone to that because that sucks and I know what that feeling is like and I think mentally now, I could be prepared to handle it much differently than I did the first time because in the first time when I'm going you know I've gave everything to get here and so many sacrifices and I felt like I lost my whole dream I lost everything.”

She continued, “This time, I would have been able to handle it a little bit differently because I am fully aware of the fact that I've had life outside of WWE and moved past it and still found myself, I was still successful and was able to come back and still be myself.”

Mickie also gave advice and optimistic projections for the future of those that were let go by WWE.

“So, it seems in those moments that it's the end all be all but you just have to like just continue to keep moving forward and I don't even think it's a forever thing, especially for most of them, it's just a temporary thing and that's what my hope is,” Mickie said. “I hope that there isn't another set of cuts that comes. I'm very blessed and very fortunate and I'm grateful and I'm so so sorry for my friends and I'm and I wish them nothing but the best and I know they're so smart you know like that's the thing is we have some of the most talented people in the world that they're going to be fine like they're going to be land on their feet they're going to come up with different you know things and ways to make money or and like they're going to they're just such brilliant brilliant creative group of folks that I just know that everyone's going to be fine it's just getting through all of this and then seeing what the landscape looks like three months, from now six months from now, a year from now."

Also in the interview, Mickie James discussed her goals when returning to WWE from her injury. You can read more at this link.

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