Mikey Whipwreck Discusses ECW's Death, Paul Heyman

Mikey Whipwreck recently appeared on the Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling Podcast. You can hear the full podcast at this link, and submitted highlights transcribed by Chad and John below.

The end of ECW at the pay per view Guilty As Charged:

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"I think there were rumblings of it and I don't think it was anything specific but we kind of saw the schedule being lighter and lighter and lighter. It kind of felt that way but definite because Paul said that: "We'd be fine, we'd be fine". I think that was the last show that I did."

" I remember at that last arena show it felt really f*cking weird and it didn't feel right. I don't remember if the pay per view was before or after that but at the pay per view it just seemed like well okay, I'll see you later and we will see what happens."

Was he blindsided by ECW closing:

"You could feel it. Once it was a couple of weeks before you heard a few thing, I thought that (yeah) this is it. Once the guys did that show in Arkansas, Tajiri called me and said it's probably no more shows. I thought well it was nice teaming with you buddy. I kind of had my calendar filled for the most part because I kind of saw it coming. After awhile you kind of saw it."

Thoughts on Paul Heyman after ECW immediately closed:

"I am sure that Paul did not want the thing to go out of business. I am sure that Paul did not want to be a cog in the wheel working for Vince. It is one of those, if he could have kept it going he would but I just think the time came that he couldn't do it anymore and that was just it. It is not like he was getting rich but nobody else was. He owed everybody money and the way he did it was kind of sh*tty because he could have given everybody the heads up that look guys this is it and it's done but everybody kind of found out for sure when he showed up on RAW. That was kind of the beginning of the end there."

Was he owed anything after ECW closed:

"It was fine with me because I figure it this way and that is if it wasn't for Paul there would be no me. I owed everything to him. Could he have ended it more gracefully and a little more up front and honest? Yes. But he didn't and like I said you could kind of see it coming so I could have my schedule filled anyway so it wasn't like I was left completely thinking "oh my God" now what? The money would have been nice but than again that is how things go."

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