Missy Hyatt Discusses Her Lawsuit Against WCW, Wanting Equality For Women

In 1994, Missy Hyatt filed a lawsuit against WCW, claiming sexual harassment and overdue payments stemming from her appearances on the WCW 900 hotline. Eric Bischoff claimed Hyatt was fired for her behavior following the hiring of Sherri Martell.

With WCW long out of business and Hyatt no longer worried about being sued for speaking out against the company, she discussed her lawsuit against them and the harassment she dealt with.

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"Ole Anderson called me one time and was like, 'Come down to the office and give me a blowjob.' I [laughed] and hung up, never heard anything else from him, but I did hear snide remarks from him. One of the road agents went to work for WWE and then got fired from WWE for being a pervert. I could have told them that. What's up with women not being road agents? When I did my lawsuit, it was not about sexual harassment, it was more about equal pay as a woman, doing the same job as the guys were and not getting paid. One year, I made the company over half a million dollars just on the 900 hotline alone, and I got zero for it. When I renegotiated my contract, I got a percentage of it and the next year I got a check for $33,000 and they still fucked me on that, it should have been double. I know other women that they never paid right. I'm so happy Charlotte Flair got a couple million on her deal. I've been saying women can draw, forever. On a panel one time, I was saying women can draw money, as a wrestler or a manager or whatever, if they get a chance, women can draw. Bobby Heenan goes, 'the only place you ever drew is on your back.' He said that at a panel in front of fans. I really wanted to get the respect I deserved," she said.

Hyatt said her lawyer told her they would sue under a title seven federal lawsuit for equal rights, equal pay, and discrimination. She went on to say that she would have to change in the women's bathroom in arenas because there was no women's locker room.

Hyatt has previously said that she was offended and discriminated against when she saw a blown-up picture of her exposed breast in the WCW office. Eric Bischoff has said that the picture wasn't as bad as she and her lawyer made it out to be.

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