Miz Cashes In His Money In The Bank Briefcase And Fails At WWE TLC 2020

Unfortunately for The Miz, WWE TLC was not awesome.

During a hellacious TLC match between AJ Styles and Drew McIntyre, The Miz came out to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase but despite his best efforts and proclaiming earlier today that he could lead Monday Night Raw, Miz was unable to come away with the championship as Drew McIntyre once again successfully retained the gold.

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The TLC match opened the event, as was first reported by our premium service, Fightful Select and would see AJ and later on, The Miz, do everything they could to wrestle away the championship from Drew McIntyre but McIntyre was able to fight through a brutal leg injury to climb the ladder of success.

WWE Championship TLC Triple Threat Match
Drew McIntyre (c) vs AJ Styles w/Omos vs The Miz w/John Morrison

AJ immediately goes after the knee of Drew before Drew kicks him away and AJ kicks and chops Drew in the corner before Drew turns AJ inside out. Drew tosses AJ across the ring and chops him down in the corner before whipping him sternum first into the corner. Drew beats AJ down in the corner before AJ catches him coming in with a boot and Drew knocks AJ off of the top and down onto the floor. Drew brings chair into the ring and sets up a table at ringside before AJ counters a suplex and Drew tosses him into chairs sets up on a table at ringside. Drew drops AJ across the barricade before bringing a ladder into the ring and setting it up in the center of the ring. AJ hits Drew with a ladder when he climbs the ladder before wedging a chair in the corner and Drew slingshots AJ who lands on the ladder. Drew rips AJ down and goes to powerbomb him into the ladder before sending AJ head first into the chair in the corner before climbing up the ladder. AJ throws chairs at Drew to knock him down before sending the ladder into Drew and teasing a Styles Clash before Drew counters into the Future Shock DDT. Drew throws a ladder at AJ before AJ chop blocks him and drives his leg into the ladder before locking in a half crab with Drew's leg in the ladder. AJ locks in a Calf Crusher with Drew's leg trapped in a chair before they have a tug of war over a ladder and AJ drags Drew to the corner where he wraps his leg around the post. AJ hits Drew with a ladder at ringside before lying him on a table and climbing a ladder propped in the corner before Drew sits up and throws a chair at AJ. Drew chucks a table over the top rope and into the ring before setting it up and AJ hits a drop toe hold into the ladder and Drew hits an overhead belly to belly suplex onto the ladder in the corner. AJ hits a Phenomenal Forearm before Drew tosses AJ over the top rope and through a table at ringside before climbing the ladder and The Miz rushes out to the ring. Miz sends Drew through a table before cashing in and the match becomes a triple threat match before Omos pulls Miz down and drops him across the top rope and through a table. John hits Omos with a chair which just angers him before Omos stalks him up the ramp and AJ and Drew climb opposite sides of the ladder. Miz sets up a second ladder beside the first one and nearly gets the title before Drew knocks AJ and Miz down before AJ and Drew exchange. AJ then nearly gets the title before Drew knocks the ladder over and sends AJ out of the ring and takes out Miz with the Claymore before climbing the ladder and grabbing his title.

Winner: Drew McIntyre retains his WWE Championship by defeating The Miz and AJ Styles when he climbs the ladder and grabs the title.

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