Miz & Mrs. Review - Baby Gender Miztery (S02E03)

After turning in one of their weakest efforts last week, Miz & Mrs. rebounded nicely with "Baby Gender Miztery."

The two main points of discussion coming out of this episode are undoubtedly the gender reveal party and George Mizanin's meet-and-greet. Everything else was forgettable and overly staged.

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Let's start with George because he is quickly becoming this season's breakout star. Since striking his "iconic" pose at WrestleMania, George believes that he is the A-Lister of the family, even appearing on podcasts and radio shows. One of the series' funniest bits happened when he went to Mike and Maryse's house to show off new merchandise that he had made for himself. He is selling bootleg t-shirts, bibs, and boxers, all with a backward-screen-shotted image of him and Shane McMahon. Mike is mortified by the fact that his father is a con-man. What's worse is that he has also arranged a meet-and-greet at his friend Tony from Ohio's bowling alley.

On the way to the event, Miz is worried that this is going to blow up in his dad's face. George, on the other hand, is confidently claiming that people are "tweeking" him saying that there is a big crowd. Brought in through the back door of the alley, like Henry Hill at the Copacabana, everyone is shocked to see a lineup. They are even chanting, "Mr. Miz." I laughed consistently throughout this segment, but surprisingly enough it wasn't even the best thing he did. We'll get to that, though.

Despite the ridiculousness of Mike's father, the gender reveal party is the driving force of this episode. There is a lot of time wasted on Miz trying to find out if it's a boy or girl so that he doesn't look bad in a picture, but I could have done without it. The heart of this story and I wish they would have addressed it sooner, was Mike telling everyone that he wants a son, and Maryse becoming concerned that he wouldn't be happy if they were to have another daughter. It's dealt with in a quick scene, but I thought Maryse's vulnerability at that moment was especially moving.

At the party, Miz continues to pry and ropes Dolph Ziggler into his mission. The plan is to steal a confetti cannon and find out what colour the paper is on the inside. Unfortunately for Mike, the plan goes awry when he opens it from the wrong end, shooting himself in the groin. Not only was he foiled, but Maryse expected it ahead of time and used a neutral yellow.

Finally, after making a nice speech and firing the cannons, it is revealed that the It-Couple will be having another girl! This was a sweet moment, and it's impossible to not be happy for their family, but I feel like this would have been far more impactful if they had focused on Mike and Maryse's feelings along the way instead of needless hijinx. 

The show doesn't leave the tender moment alone, however, quickly pivoting to a final gag before rolling the credits. We see George, legs spread wider than they'd ever need to be, attempting to launch his confetti. Well, I think you know what happened. It felt choreographed as hell, and I despise that the show is losing that spontaneous feeling, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a great visual.

Again, this wasn't an exceptional episode, but it was eventful enough to be worth your time, and I hope they can keep improving moving forward.

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