Miz & Mrs. Review - Monroe's First WrestleMania (S02E01)

[This post contains SPOILERS for the most recent episode of Miz & Mrs.]


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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Season 2 of Miz & Mrs. opens with Mike and Maryse packing up "Castle MarMiz" as they bid adieu to Texas in favour of a return to sunny Los Angeles. At first, the decision to abandon last season's setting and one of the primary story thrusts seemed puzzling, but the show quickly reminds you that it is the charm of these characters that makes this such a surprisingly fun watch every week. A change of scenery also allows for fresh new ideas to play out, instead of relying on the same types of situational jokes every week.

The crux of this episode revolves around Monroe's first birthday, and Mike and Maryse's inability to connect on an appropriate price point for the party. Mike suggests $30 and a photo ought to do the trick, while Maryse leans more toward the TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR Cotton Candy Spa. When neither agrees to give in, Maryse proposes that she can execute the event for a cool $500, a figure Mike doesn't believe she'll ever be able to pull off.

While the birthday bash begins to take shape, a raunchier, more comedically driven sub-plot emerges when Maryse subjects Mike to a sex personality test. Much to his chagrin, "Missionary Mike," as Zack Ryder calls him, only scored a 47%. Wanting to prove that he can perform outside of the bedroom, Mike sets out to show that he's spicier than his nickname would lead you to believe.

What I loved about this episode were the different ways Maryse and Mike opted to buck, what they felt were misconceptions about each other. Maryse came in under budget by offering social media spotlights and by "pimping" her husband out as an "in-costume" performer to a children's party place. Yes, that's right, Mike appeared and performed as The Miz at his daughters first birthday. Hey, if you have 5 million followers on Instagram, go ahead and be thrifty.

Mike, on the other hand, leaned fully into his already well established George Costanza persona. One of the funnier moments came when Miz sent his driver on a Starbucks run in an attempt to have sex in the back of their car. The smug, "I'm so clever" look on his face when he asked for a "Venti (makes Al Pacino "great ass" hands) Americano with one pump of sugar-free vanilla, 1/4th of a cup of Almond milk, make sure it's extra foamy, and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top, because it's good for your health", was priceless. Unfortunately for him, the drink arrived quicker than expected, forcing Miz & Mrs. to exit via the trunk before anything could happen.

Monroe's First WrestleMania was chock-full of laughs, whether it be Elias not breaking character during his performance at the birthday, or Miz learning to love one position after a dicey encounter in a hotel ice room. Again though, much like last year, it's the Full House feel-good endings that warm the heart and allow you to invest in and care about these people. Mike buying and decorating a suite at MetLife Stadium for his family was touching. They even threw in the perfect amount of cute-idiocy with George (Mike's Dad) strapping teddy bears to the wall with packaging tape rather than leaving them in the playpen for Monroe to enjoy.

Miz & Mrs. is lighthearted and fun, and I once again find myself relating to these experiences, although to be fair, having a one-year-old helps with that. Also, it doesn't hurt that the show is overflowing with personality, something we don't see much of on Monday's and Friday's. My only complaint is that there was no Marjo (Maryse's Mom and the breakout star of season one). Frankly, it feels like a crime to withhold her from us. Nevertheless, Miz & Mrs. leaves you feeling good, and that's perfectly fine by me. Keep delivering that experience, and I'll keep tuning in.

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