The Miz Says No-Audience Shows Make Superstars Try Harder In The Ring, Praises Cinematic Matches

The Miz says that whenever WWE is faced with abnormal circumstances, they do their best to adapt and learn what they can utilize when situations return to normal.

For a month now, WWE has been running shows from an empty Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Even WrestleMania 36 was presented without an audience.

Speaking with Logan Paul on his podcast, IMPAULSIVE, The Miz discusses working without an audience, comparing the experience to wrestling in Japan, saying that WWE Superstars are working harder in the ring now because of the current circumstances.

“You've got to find a different way, I guess, to get the adrenaline and to utilize it. It reminds me almost like I've used it like almost a Japanese crowd,” Miz began. “You know that in the Japanese audience they're watching and they're invested in everything you do. So in my mind, I'm just picturing the people at home being invested in everything that we're doing. So every little maneuver counts. So it's actually making me a better performer in the ring for sure.”

He continued, “Yeah. I mean, there's no doubt that everybody in WWE is pushing harder when they're in the ring now. I think it's going to translate when whenever the time comes that we can have an audience back, because everything that I feel like we do in WWE, that's different. That takes us out of the box. We utilize it and say, you know what? What did we learn from this and how we use it when we're back to normal?”

The Miz also commented on the cinematic matches at WrestleMania 36 saying that those match types pushed the envelope and enhanced what WWE could become.

“WrestleMania was the most talked about, most watched on social media more than any other WrestleMania in history. So the fans are really getting involved with it and it's allowing us to do different types of matches,” Miz said. “Like if you saw the Firefly Fun House with John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt, The Fiend, it was one of the coolest matches I've ever seen. And I've seen it all. I felt like but that was so different, so unique. And it utilized Bray Wyatt and The Fiend in such a way and it showcased what exactly John Cena could do. It showcased kind of what Cena was before and what he is now. And I think it opened up a whole new world of what WWE could do. Then you watch the Boneyard Match between AJ Styles and The Undertaker, which was kind of the same, but way different. That was the same in that they used a kind of cinematic feel towards it. But man, it was just so interesting to watch and I just love that.”

Miz also spoke about John Morrison defending the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship in a Ladder Match without an audience.

“I wasn't in it, but John [Morrison] basically took our titles and challenged Jimmy Uso as well as Kofi Kingston for our tag team titles and it was a Ladder Match and it was entertaining. Let me tell you something Ladder Matches hurt. That whole adrenaline rush, when you don't have that adrenaline rush. It's a whole lot,” said Miz.

The Miz would try his hand at defending the SmackDown Tag Team Championship by himself and would come up short as Big E successfully won the championship for the eighth time for The New Day. Learn more at this link.

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