The Miz: "Daniel Bryan Has Done Nothing Since I Came To SmackDown"

The Miz goes on another rant.

The feud between The Miz and Daniel Bryan has been boiling for over eight years. With Daniel Bryan being cleared to return to in-ring action and The Miz being moved over to SmackDown Live by way of the 2018 WWE 'Superstar Shake-Up', the trash-talk between the two men has picked up more now than ever.

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The Miz made the rounds recently on the interview circuit over the past few days to promote the 'Miz & Mrs.' USA Network series which debuted this past Tuesday. One of the outlets that Miz spoke to was CBS Local Sports' Chuck Carroll and during their discussion The Miz sounded off about Daniel Bryan once again and touched on the moment that brought the intensity to another level in their feud, the 2016 'Talking Smack' promo.

"As far as Daniel Bryan’s concerned, I applaud the fact that he’s a father. I applaud the fact that he’s raising his daughter the best he can. But when he steps into the ring, that’s a whole other thing." Miz continued, "You know what I mean? You can’t diss a guy for being a dad, but you can diss a guy for being a WWE superstar and being condescending and sitting there thinking that he’s better than you. Then, all of the sudden, since he wants me to be on SmackDown Live, he goes to the general manager and gets it done and puts me on SmackDown Live, and then I’m here for the past three months, and he has done nothing, and I mean nothing, since I have been there on SmackDown Live.

I am waiting for him, but the fact is, he hasn’t stepped up to me, hasn’t said a word to me, hasn’t really done anything to me." Miz expressed. "The only thing I’ve done is beat him in a gauntlet match, so as far as I’m concerned, I’ve won. The fact is, I went up to … if you remember Talking Smack, I think it was three or four years ago, I said everything to Daniel Bryan’s face. I went right up to him, and if you really remember, he started everything. He’s the one that called me a coward, said I had a soft style of working. But then there’s a guy who comes back three years later and says he was fighting for his dreams. But the thing is, when I was up in his face, I was expecting to get hit, but what did he do? He walked away. Instead of fighting for his dreams and fighting for what he believes in, he walked away like a coward. That’s where I stand with everything."


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