MJF And Chris Jericho's Steak Dinner Turned Into A Rat Pack Cover And Dance, And We Have The Lyrics

Well, that happened.

MJF and Inner Circle leader Chris Jericho had a highly hyped steak dinner to discuss the possibility of MJF joining the stable. After one-upping each other by ordering regressively cooked steaks. The two broke out into song.

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Song. Specifically "Me and My Shadow" by the Rat Pack.

Watch it above. Here are the lyrics.

MJF: Like the wallpaper sticks to the wall.

Jericho: Like the seashore clings to the sea.

MJF: Like you'll never get rid of a shadow, Chris you'll never get rid of me.

Jericho: Let all the others fight and fuss.

Both: Whatever happens we've got us.

MJF: We're closer than pages that stick in a book,
We're closer than ripples that play in a brook,
So wherever you'll find him you'll find me.

MJF: Closer than a recliner thrown at Matt Hardy's forehead geyser,

Jericho: We're closer than snakes are, they slide through the grass,
We're closer than Cody's to a jackass.

Both: Not a soul can bust this team in two, we stick together like glue.

Jericho: And when it's sleeping time.

MJF: That's when we rise.

Jericho: When we start to swing.

MJF: Swing to the sky.

Jericho: Our clocks don't chime.

MJF: What a surprise.

Both: They ring a ding, happy new year

MJF: Now to repeat what I said at the start, you'll need a large crowbar to break us a part.

Both: We're alone but far from blue,
Before we get finished, we'll make the town roar.
We'll make all the late spots and then a few more.

Jericho: We'll end up at Daily's, and then the fourth floor.

Both: Life is gonna be we-wow-whee, for my shadow and me.

Both: While we are swinging, to mention a few,
We'll drop into Chili's, hey Young Bucks screw you,

Jericho: We'll beat up a Moxley, whatever we do.

Both: Life is gonna be we-wow-whee, for my shadow and me.

After the song and dance, the two discovered their disgusting, uncooked stakes and passed on the bravado to re-order. They'll have a town hall next week on AEW Dynamite to determine if MJF is a member of the Inner Circle.

I transcribed this at almost three in the morning, you can see the full song at the top of the page. You can see the Rat Pack's edition below.

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