MJF Calls FTR The Best Team In The World After Loss In Tag Title Match On 7/29 AEW Collision

FTR managed to defeat Adam Cole and MJF on the July 29 AEW Saturday Collision, and afterward, Max had some heartfelt words for his former Pinnacle brethren.

FTR defeated the team of Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Adam Cole in the main event of the July 29 Saturday Collision as Dax picked up a rare pinfall victory over Maxwell. After the match, MJF appeared to be distraught after losing the match for his team. Adam tried to comfort his partner by handing him his AEW World Championship, and for a moment, it appeared that Maxwell was going to hit Adam with the belt before he threw it down and embraced Adam.

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The show went off the air with Adam and Max celebrating their friendship being intact. However, more was stated after the show that AEW shared on social media.

Max, in another apparent rare moment of vulnerability, spoke about FTR's time in the Pinnacle and said that things did not go the way they should have at that time because he was too arrogant to realize how good FTR is.

"There was a group; it was called The Pinnacle. I think it's fair to say we had, as a group, a whole lot more left in the tank. Unfortunately, things didn't go the way we wanted it to. That was because, at the time, I was too arrogant to realize just how great FTR is," Max said. "I'll make no bones about it. Me and Cash, at one point in time, you and I got along. Me and [Dax]... But I gotta tell you, after tonight, sure, we've got some differences. I'm in New York yuppie. You're a real Southern. You hit hard. I do eye pokes. I'm old money, you're new money, but if there's one thing that I can say we have in common, it's that we love professional wrestling.

"Tonight, whether it means anything to you or not, the AEW World Champion wanted to see you and you. Now more than ever, it is apparent you two are the best tag team in the world. I don't want to hear about Collision vs. Dynamite. I don't want to hear about kaboomers vs. colliders. At the end of the day, what this sport needed was an alternative, and that's why this company was made," Max added.

Max then said that they were all on team AEW until 2024, and the two teams agreed to celebrate with tequila and pizza.

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