MJF Creates His Own Digital Currency, Calls Bitcoin And Dogecoin 'Garbage'

MJF has changed the cryptocurrency game.

Move over Bitcoin, say goodbye to Elon Musk and Dogecoin, and never mind startups like Pink Panda. MJF is releasing his own creator coin, $ MJFoh, with the help of Rally.IO.

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Currently, the coin is worth a little more than $2 and MJF shared a helpful guide on Twitter on how to invest in the project and pick up some of the crypto for yourself.


Just in case you've been living under a rock or are just plain stupid, cryptocurrency is the future. That's why I am doing you a favor by announcing the creation of $MJF, a creator coin (also known as a social token) designed to create an economy around me, the fastest and youngest rising star in the history of professional wrestling.

Creators and fans are finding new ways to engage, and as much as I'd rather avoid any interactions with you poors, I benefit from this as much as you do.
By masterfully creating my own coin, I'm giving you a way to be part of my personal economy. I can't think of anything smarter to be a part of, since I will go down as the greatest star who's ever lived.
By offering my own social token, I intend to:
• Recognize my top $MJF coin holders with special give-aways, drops, exclusive access, and more. • Create a zero-fee peer-to-peer method for people in the extended MJF community to interact and trade with one another • Enable $MJF coin holders the opportunity to receive Rally Rewards each Saturday


Yes, duh... idiot. The $MJF coin is created on the Rally sidechain. This makes it possible to swap $MJF coins and $RLY tokens, which are the Rally Network's default currency.

The Rally Network is an open, decentralized network that has its own ERC-20 governance token, $RLY, which means it's an Ethereum blockchain-based asset that can be sent and received in the Ethereum mainnet network, and anyone holding $RLY can vote on changes to the Rally Network - that's what's meant by "governance".

You can also convert $RLY into $ETH, which can then be swapped into standard fiat currency (i.e. USD). There is no lock-in, though there may be gas fees charged (that's what keeps the Ethereum network running) for each conversion.


Rally makes it easy to buy creator coins even for the dumbest of the dumb with a credit card (for those of you who don't previously own cryptocurrencies), which include some fees from the third-party processor. Then, once you own some coins, you can send and exchange creator coins without any fees within the Rally network.
If you're still confused as to what Rally is (I'm not shocked), look at Rally's most well known creator (until I showed up), Portugal, The Man.

Here's how to give me your money with a debit or credit card:

• Step 1: Create a Rally Account • Step 2: Visit the $MJF page • Step 3: Tap Buy • Step 4: Choose Debit or Credit Card • Step 5: Complete the transaction.

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