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Here is your fight size update for Monday, August 30, 2021:

- Major League Wrestling is teasing a major signing that they will reveal tonight at 8:45 p.m. eastern time.

NJPW G1 Climax 31 Updated Standings

With the new fall season just weeks away from kicking off, the office of wrestling operations is in overdrive.

With the budget reportedly increasing for the new season, league officials are working to add fire power to the already impressive roster, headlined by the likes of Fatu, Hammerstone, Davey Richards, Los Parks and countless others. can confirm a few key discussions are in “extra innings” and surround free agents who recently hit the market.

“With the Opera Cup around the corner, an emphasis on guys who can bring it bell-to-bell from a grappling and technical perspective is very important,” said Court Bauer. “I think you can expect to possibly see some high profile players enter the mix. Same goes for the women’s division. We have some awesome athletes hitting the division soon.”

MLW’s next event is October 2 in Philadelphia, featuring the first and second rounds of the Opera Cup, plus a full card of action. Tickets can be purchased at

Fans have speculated and even tried to decipher the code. Thus far, no one has cracked it. However, fans won’t have to wait long. A video is set to premiere tonight at 8:45pm EST. Tune in tonight to learn more about this mysterious newcomer.

- Joel McHale, Who voices the iconic Johnny Cage in the animated movie Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms, recently did an interview with’s Tyler Treese where he stated that he believes The Miz would be perfect for the role of Johnny Cage in a live-action film.

“I think he’s perfect,” said McHale. “I’m not kidding. I think he looks great. He looks the part and I’ve interacted with him a few times and he’s really nice. I think he’s really good.

“I’ve seen him in a couple of different things and I was like, “Oh, that guy can do it.” Not that I’m casting the thing, but yeah, I think he’d be perfect. He’s definitely out of physical shape and would have to get in shape, but, you know, little things.”

- On a recent episode of Sportskeeda's UnSKripted with Dr. Chris Featherstone, Alberto Del Rio noted he'd like to wrestle Dominik Mysterio

"I think it [a match against Dominik] would be an amazing experience because I wrestled his dad, and I know Dominik is a great performer." Del Rio added, "It's in his blood, he just needs more time, but he will get there. That's for sure."

- Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Drew McIntyre spoke glowingly about his recent experience as an ambassador for the Special Olympics.

“This is an immense honor,” McIntyre says. “I am extremely proud to represent Special Olympics as a champion ambassador, and it is a role I intend to take very seriously. I want to set a great example, and I also look forward to continuing to learn from the Special Olympics athletes, who inspire me with such hard work and dedication.”

“The athletes genuinely caught me off guard,” McIntyre says. “I had to hold back the tears. It was emotional because this was the first time so many of the athletes had been together with all the restrictions from the pandemic. Even though I was getting my butt kicked in bocce ball, this meant a lot to me, especially since it happened in person.”

Here is this week's WWE Network release schedule:

Monday, August 30
Raw Talk** – 11:05 p.m. ET

Wednesday, September 1
Monday Night Raw (8/2/21)**
WWE’s The Bump** – 10 a.m. ET
WWE NXT (8/31/21)

Thursday, September 2
This Week in WWE

Friday, September 3
205 Live – 10 p.m. ET

Saturday, September 4
WWE Main Event (8/12/21)
Talking Smack**
ICW Fight Club 187
PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 120

Sunday, September 5
Friday Night SmackDown (8/6/21)**

- Per The Hollywood Reporter, ‘Jungle Cruise,' the film with Emily Blunt and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, has a sequel in the Works at Disney.

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- Speaking with Liam Alexander-Stewart of Inside The Ropes, Angelina Love shared her candid thoughts regarding Dixie Carter's time as TNA President.

"Oh like a disaster. Like and you know, coming from, you know, WWE and being devastated at you know, being released and stuff like that, and then coming into TNA and then seeing like, oh, like a female president or whatever she was, you know what I mean? But just not ready. Didn't have the knowledge. And she's the reason that we lost the Spike TV deal, which we were-- Spike TV, like the Ultimate Fighter, the Ultimate Fighter was on after us. You like Velvet and I were like going sitting like, third row ringside at UFC fights. Because, you know, we had that, you know, kind of this, like, being on Spike TV is really, I think, what helped made a lot of us TNA people a household name, because we had that exposure. Um, but yeah, like, she just, I think a lot of people thought she was just very impressionable, maybe kind of dumb, and they could take advantage of her and tell her like, hey, this should be done this way. And this should be done that way. And she was like, okay, okay. Okay. And she changed too, at some point, because she used to be, you know, like, wanting to know about people's families, and how are your kids and like, I had broken up with a boyfriend at the time and her and I talked in the bathroom for like, 10 minutes, and it was really nice.

"And, you know, that was like back in 08, and then come like 2010 2011 it was just like, she'd walked by people like they didn't even exist. And, you know, like the money that was being spent in the dumbest ways. And then her honestly, in my personal opinion, what I saw on Dixie is that she was so desperate to be just like Stephanie McMahon because she wanted like to have her own reality TV show. And it's like, who would f*cking watch that? Excuse my language Who would watch that? Who would watch a Dixie Carter reality show? You know what I mean? Like that, and nobody wanted to. Nobody wanted to do that because they knew it would flop and like that was like a big contingency for her and you know this and that, then, you know, Spike TV was going to renew a contract with TNA and she wanted like double what they were offering and Spike TV was like, Are you crazy? But the god bless them and I don't blame them. They held their ground until they were like, Alright, well, no, we're done. And then she was like, Oh, no, no, we're gonna when we when we yell sign that it sounds great. And then and then we're just like [shrugs]. And then all of a sudden, you know, at TV we're filming and all of us are like, are we gonna have a job next month? Like what? Like, it was crazy. It was crazy vibes backstage when that happened, but that was all her."

- Today, WWE stock was trading at $49.05 per share when the market closed.

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- Johnny Gargano will be a great father:

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- Lex Luger joins Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw:

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