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Here is your fight size update for Wednesday, August 18, 2021:

- WWE officially has new full-time producers in Molly Holly and Shawn Daivari, per Mike Johnson of PWInsider. Molly had stated that she was working on a trial basis as a producer shortly after WrestleMania. Daivari was let go at the start of the pandemic and was brought back as WWE was headed back toward full-time touring.

NXT Heritage Cup Match, Tag Team Turmoil Bout, More Set For 6/25 NXT

- Speaking on Sports Business Radio, Stephanie McMahon openly stated that she hates portraying a good guy on television.

It is the most fun to be a villain. I hate being a good guy. I despise it. I love being the bad guy. I get to play out all of the stereotypes that people have against me, I get to draw on so many different experiences in my life and the people that I know around me and, you know, I get to play the person that everybody hates and be condescending to the audience and get them all riled up. I mean, it is just so much fun. There's nothing like it. Ultimately, I have to eat my own words like when Ronda Rousey broke my arm at the end of WrestleMania. So there's a payoff for our fans, too. Don't get me wrong, but it's the most fun. "

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- Following her trending Twitter trial, Faye Jackson has apologized to Big E.

- Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Ariya Daivari spoke about his brother, Shawn, and potentially being in his shadow.

"I kept going back and forth on it. I didn't want people to think 'Oh he's just Shawn's brother.' And I have to admit he was in at a time when the wrestling industry was even hotter. He had a lot more eyes on his career back in 2004. Some people went 'Oh cheap ripoff.' But whatever. I was proud of the fact that I made it to the WWE at my size and keep my name. It is all me being presented as me."

- Paul Heyman and Ariel Helwani have been announced for Saturday's Summerslam special edition of The Bump.

- BetOnline.AG has shared the following betting odds regarding who could be the first opponents in AEW for both Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, should they show up in the promotion.

CM Punk First Official Singles Match Opponent
Darby Allin 1/2
Byan Danielson/Daniel Bryan 11/4
Christian Cage 15/4
Orange Cassidy 6/1
Matt Hardy 7/1
Chris Jericho 8/1
Cody Rhodes 8/1
Jungle Boy 9/1
Sting 10/1

Bryan Danielson First Official Singles Match Opponent
CM Punk 7/4
Kenny Omega 9/2
Darby Allin 5/1
Sting 5/1
MJF 6/1
Chris Jericho 7/1
Sammy Guevara 7/1
Orange Cassidy 8/1
Cody Rhodes 9/1
Jungle Boy 10/1
Lance Archer 10/1
Penta El Zero M 10/1
Eddie Kingston 12/1
Pac 12/1

- Talk N’ Shop LIVE is coming to Vegas.

- Speaking with Cageside Seats’ Shakiel Mahjouri, Alberto Del Rio touched upon his ongoing legal issues.

“It’s still going. It’s still pending. But we’re just waiting. Everything is looking good. I have said what I needed to say in the past. Unfortunately, I can no longer talk about it because every time I say something, it affects my case,” El Patron tells Cageside Seats’s Shakiel Mahjouri. “I went out and I said what I was approved to say. That ended up hurting me a little bit. All I can say is that the truth always comes to light. We’re doing good. The authorities in Texas are doing their job.

“My legal team is doing a fantastic job. It’s just a matter of time. It’s really difficult for me and my family to hear those things. Everybody talks about the five years to life in prison. That sounds horrible, but why does nobody say, ‘Or he’s going to be proven innocent.’ I have already said it. She has already withdrawn her charges. He has already talked to the DA’s [District Attorney’s] office and told them the truth. She apologized and gave us a public apology and everything. Everything people need to know is out there. I share a lot of stuff in the past but unfortunately, I can’t talk about it. What was supposed to be over last week got delayed because somebody got upset and I understand [it]. Me being me, a high-profile case. It's difficult. As I said in my previous interviews, call me whatever, but I didn’t do any of those things.”

- The March to WrestleMania IX special has been added to the new "March to WrestleMania" category on Peacock.

- Watch: Seth Rollins - Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?

- Today, WWE stock closed at $47.94 per share.

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