Monday Night Raw Results & Videos (1/9/17): HBK & Taker, Roman vs Jeri-KO, Braun vs Seth

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January 9, 2017

So the episode starts off with Mick Foley's performance review by Stephanie McMahon which is being filmed for some reason.

They address the "rumors" of the Undertaker appearing tonight, which is just stupid. He's appearing.

Seth Rollins comes in, followed almost immediately by Braun Strowman, who wants either Roman Reigns or Goldberg, or both.

Seth punches Strowman, they get into it, it's broken up.

The United States TItle handicap starts off the night.

Except, no it doesn't.

Strowman comes down even before the match starts. Roman gets out of the ring, and attacks him.

Strowman gets the better of it, throws him back in the ring, Jeri-KO take over the beating, and Strowman joins in.

Rollins runs down, wielding a chair, and now it's a damn donnybrook.

Reigns gets a chair, he and Rollins clear the ring.

Stephanie comes out, stops everything.

Roman vs Jeri-KO is going to happen later.

Seth vs Braun is going to happen ...






So Seth is trying his best, but Braun is just too strong, too big, too agile.

(Imagine reading that sentence in October of 2015.)

Braun is toying with him, like a kitten with a junebug.

Seth grabs Braun by the beard pulls him down into a jawbreaker, then does the maneuver again pulling him into the top rope.

Seth runs into Braun a bunch, but Braun does this:

Seth winds up on the apron and Braun just runs into him at full speed, knocking him to the floor.


After the break, Seth is coming back.

He actually gets Seth onto his back after a few kicks, but then Braun CATCHES A BLOCKBUSTER.

He puts Rollins on the top rope, Seth headbutts him on to the canvas, nails a very nice frog splash.

Two Count.

Strowman keeps getting kneed in the temple, he's on the outside, Rollins climbs to the top of the ringpost, jumps off, misses, hits the barricade.

Strowman dragging him back to the ring, it's a double count out.


Strowman rolls him back in the ring, he retrieves a chair, but as he gets back in the ring, Seth dropkicks the chair into his leg.

Rollins has the chair now, and won't let Strowman into the ring.

Braun backs slowly up the ramp with murder on his mind.

So that ended unsatisfactorily.


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