Montez Ford On A Future Singles Run: Being WWE Champion Is A Dream That Never Truly Goes Away

Montez Ford understands the task at hand, but his WWE Championship dreams linger in the background.

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, The Street Profits are one of the top tag teams in WWE today. Regularly, the topic comes up regarding both men potentially having a singles run with many feeling that Montez Ford has breakout star potential.

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Speaking with Booker T, someone who knows all about transitioning from a very successful tag team into a very successful single career, Montez Ford explains that he hasn't paid too much attention to the chatter yet because he is focused on the task at hand and that is being part of the best tag team in WWE today.

"I hear certain chatter, and I really don't really buy too much yet, because I feel like my job and task at hand is being the greatest tag team, right now, in this modern-day, here. So I feel like a lot of times, like, I'm so focused on that so much at this hand, like you said, until it happens and when that happens, that's when I put my full attention and energy into it right now. But right now, I got to take care of my brother, you know? That's how it is. It's been that way ever since I've been in the fleet. I take care of the guy right next to me and finish the task at hand."

Furthermore, Montez Ford stated that perhaps if he doesn't focus on the current state of the tag team division, it could create less opportunities for tag teams in the future.

"I feel like sometimes to a lot of guys, they'll get the chatter, and obviously, it didn't happen with [Booker T], because like you said, you didn't think about to happen, but obviously [the talk of a singles run] when it's happening, it's inspiring and motivating. But a lot of times, we got to finish the task at hand right in front of us. Because if I take the focus off of this, there may not be any more triple crowns, or tag team tower runs, and there may not be any historic nine-year runs."

At the end of the day, though, Montez Ford does admit that he has a dream of becoming WWE Champion and says that that is a dream that never truly goes away.

"But I will say, on other hand, [being WWE Champion] has been a dream as a little kid. My mom still sends me photos, all the time, of me holding up my own WWE Championship and even me having my hand out in front of my face. My little mini dream. But it's always a dream to be a World Champion, and I don't think that ever goes away. I feel like all the guys and everyone that's here, if you're not trying to be the guy then — obviously you want to make money, that's the main thing, but you always want to the man, too."

You can see what Angelo Dawkins has to say about a potential singles run for himself at this link.

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