Moose Comments On Winning The IMPACT World Title And Racial Abuse He Has Received Because Of It

Moose has commented on the criticism of his IMPACT World Championship victory.

On October 23 at IMPACT Bound For Glory, Moose won the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match, securing himself a World Title opportunity at any time and place of his choosing. Later that same night, Josh Alexander defeated Christian Cage to win the World Title. As he was celebrating with his wife and child in the ring, Moose came out and cashed in on his title shot. He speared Alexander and walked out of Bound For Glory as the new IMPACT World Champion.

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The show's ending was met with a fair amount of criticism, though Moose believes those who know pro-wrestling should have seen it coming. He spoke on the matter while appearing on the Juice Pro Wrestling podcast.

"This is the thing, I feel like if you know pro wrestling and old-school booking, you should have saw it coming," Moose began by saying. "I say that because early in the night, I won the Call Your Shot Gauntlet. Wrestling 101, unless it's old-school WWE where they don't mind putting the title on a babyface and having them hold it for a year, wrestling 101, who chases the title? A babyface. If I don't cash in that night, you have a heel with the trophy that can cash in at any time. Technically, the heel is the baby because I would be chasing. I feel like I had to get rid of it as soon as possible so I wasn't chasing. Usually, the guy chasing gets the babyface rub. Now, being a dirtbag and taking everything away from Josh, the babyface is chasing. I don't care what people think. They can hate me, they can like me. If they hate me, I'm doing a good job. I just hate that it gets to where people hate me so bad that it crosses into reality and they call me the N-word and DM me racial stuff. Is it that serious? Are you that butthurt over stuff that isn't real to disrespect me? When you see a movie with Denzel [Washington] and hate the ending, do you text Denzel? Me being who I am and trying to find the positive, I remember when I saw people tweeting me and saying racial stuff, I heard a video of someone yelling the N-word during my promo. I texted Scott and said, 'Well, I guess I'm the best heel in wrestling because I got people to go racial.' As sad as it is, there's no way to turn that negative into a positive. Would I do it again? Yes because I don't give a fuck."

As for where the story with him and Alexander is going, Moose admits that he has no clue, but suspects fans will want to see them face off sooner rather than later.

"I have no idea what's going on in the storyline with me and the title and Josh. I feel like fans are going to want to see that match right away or they want to see Josh and me right away. You can't have it right away. Knowing IMPACT, that match isn't going to happen for another six to eight months. Maybe even longer. You're gonna have to keep watching. The thing they don't realize is that the longer you wait, the more you'll want to see Josh kick my ass. We're not going to give it to you. It's old-school booking, but fans want everything right now. When they finally get it and if Josh finally beats me, fans are happier. If we give it to you now, what do we do eight months from now? They don't get it," he said.

During the most recent episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Moose teamed up with W. Morrissey and Minoru Suzuki to defeat Josh Alexander, Matt Cardona and Eddie Edwards in a 6-Man Tag Team Match.

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