Moose Says He Was 'Shocked' By Scott D'Amore's Firing, 'As Much As We Don't Understand It, We Have To Trust It'

Moose comments on Scott D'Amore's dismissal as TNA Wrestling President.

On February 7, Anthem announced that Scott D'Amore's contract with the company was terminated and he would no longer be President of TNA Wrestling. Anthony Cicione was named as his replacement.

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TNA World Champion Moose has openly said that his relationship with D'Amore is a big reason why he re-signed with the company.

Speaking to Jeremy Lambert & Joel Pearl on In The Weeds, Moose was asked how he felt about D'Amore's dismissal from the company.

"Initially, when I heard about it, I was shocked. I was upset, angry, sad, a bunch of emotions. At the same time, if anybody in the company can relate to something like that, I would probably be best suited because of my time in the NFL. I came from a world where head coaches get fired all the time. My rookie year, I got drafted by a guy who promised me a whole bunch of things, and he gets fired going into my second year. I had the same emotions. I was angry, pissed, upset. You just have to put faith in the general manager that they know what they're doing. You have to trust that he is making the best decisions for the company. Nobody wants to see TNA perish, especially Anthem because they invested so much money in it. As much as we don't understand the decision, we have to trust it and put in 110%. Everyone knows my relationship with Scott, but my relationship with Scott is going to stay the same. He's going to be my mentor, be my coach, a big brother to me. It's just, unfortunately, we're not working with each other. Knowing Scott very well, I know he still wishes the best for TNA and he's put together a roster that is going to carry on his work and his legacy. Now, we have a new head coach in Anthony and a GM in Len, and we have to put our trust and faith in them to carry the torch," he said.

Anthony Cicione was named the new President of TNA Wrestling.

After D'Amore's dismissal, TNA talent sent a letter to Anthem CEO Len Asper to express their frustrations over the decision.

"I saw the letter. It was a last ditch effort to hopefully try to bring Scott back. It is what it is. We're all going to put our best foot forward, we have a new coach now and we're going to play our asses off for him and, as a talent, we're going to do what we're known to do best, which is put on a great damn wrestling show," said Moose.

The TNA Wrestling roster will be together for the first time since D'Amore's dismissal on Friday at TNA No Surrender.

Moose will defend the TNA World Title against Alex Shelley in a No Surrender match.

Fans can check out the lineup for the show by clicking here. Watch the full interview with Moose in the video below.

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