Mustafa Ali Battles His Inner Demons In New 'Debate With The Devil' Video

Mustafa Ali once again took a chance on himself and with the help of guerrilla marketing, he visually displayed the inner conflict he faces as somebody who is not traditionally favored to be a star in the world of wrestling.

Mustafa Ali's career in 2020 emphasizes a lack of the beginning of the year, he started off on the SmackDown brand and was widely rumored to be the hacker antagonizing the WWE roster. Fast forward to today, and Mustafa Ali firmly on the Monday Night Raw roster but doesn't have a clear-cut position on the card.

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In a new Twitter video, “Debate With The Devil” Mustafa Ali encapsulated the trope of the angel and the devil debating as the representation conscience and internal conflict.

“Listen to me, I know, I know this all sounds crazy, but I truly believe I could fix all of this. I know that I can change their mind. You are going to change their mind,” said the white-shirted Ali, representing the light. “My brother, the minute they hear the name Mustafa Ali, their minds are already going to be made up. You aren't going to change anybody. In fact, it's you that needs to change,” replied the cynical counterpart.

The cynic continued, “You are a damn fool. Do you think anyone is going to cheer for someone that looks like you? You don't have blond hair or blue eyes, kid. You're not what they want!” 

In response to this, the representation of light said he may not be what the world wants but he can be what it needs.

“You don't have blond hair or blue eyes, kid. You're not what they want. No blonde hair, no blue eyes, dark hair on my head, and truth in my eyes. I may not be what they want, but I know I'm what they need!”

The video would end with the representation of light telling the cynic then he wouldn't stop fighting until the cynic was no more.

Mustafa Ali was last to use briefly in a six-man tag team elimination match on Monday Night Raw.

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