Mustafa Ali Reveals RETRIBUTION Will Target Xavier Woods, Wants To Mentally Break Kofi Kingston

Mustafa Ali is ready for his personal dose of retribution as he looks to hurt Kofi Kingston emotionally and mentally while he currently nurses a physical injury.

With Kofi Kingston nursing a broken jaw, Mustafa Ali revealed in a new Twitter video that his faction, RETRIBUTION, is setting their sights on Xavier Woods in an effort to break the spirit of Kofi Kingston as Mustafa Ali looks to make Kofi feel the pain that was forced upon Ali in 2019 when Kofi Kingston began “KofiMania” after replacing Mustafa Ali in an Elimination Chamber match that year.

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"Is RETRIBUTION going after Xavier Woods? Yes. The reason why we are going after Xavier Woods is because the timing is perfect. The minute I found out that Kofi Kingston is sitting at home with a broken jaw, I knew my time for retribution arrived. Kofi, you sitting at home with a broken jaw isn't enough. I want to break your heart. I want to break your spirit and I'm going to do that by breaking one of the people that you love the most in the ring over and over again.

"I pray to God Almighty that your broken jaw prevents you from competing in the Royal Rumble. I hope you broke your jaw so bad that you won't even make it to Elimination Chamber, and I hope that you miss WrestleMania for that, because then you get to feel what I felt sitting at home watching someone take what's yours. Kofi, a broken jaw isn’t enough. I want to break you the way you broke me. So, get well, but not too soon."

Kofi Kingston’s Road to WrestleMania 35 started with Ali being injured and missing the WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view in  2019. Nothing was ever done to capitalize off of this unfortunate loss for Mustafa Ali, something that he would admit caused him great frustration and lead to the formation of the RETRIBUTION concept while appearing on the WWE After the Bell podcast in 2020.

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