MVP Announces His Departure From Major League Wrestling

MVP will soon be off of MLW programming.

In an instagram post, MVP said he wanted to inform everyone of his status with MLW at once and he will no longer be wrestling for them and his podcast MVP Lounge will not be part of MLW Radio.

"MVP is no affiliated with MLW in any capacity. Major League Wrestling and I have gone our separate ways both in podcasting and MLW Fusion show for reasons I won't get into because I still don't completely understand. I'll still be on there for a few more episodes, stuff that was already taped," said MVP.

As far as wrestling, MVP said he's still doing his "independent thing" and his podcast may be available in the future on another platform. On the latest episode of MLW Fusion, MVP was challenged to a Boiler Room Brawl by Sami Callihan and that match will air soon.

An official announcement regarding my unfortunate departure from MLW.

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MVP's full statement is available in the above Instagram post.