MVP Says He’s Never Liked ‘The Playmaker’ As His Finisher

MVP was never a fan of his signature move.

Former United States Champion and current mouthpiece for former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, MVP recently appeared on Out of Character with Ryan Satin and admitted that never liked his 'Playmaker' finishing move.

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"I hated [The Playmaker]," MVP admitted. "It was given to me. If you remember, like three or four different people had it before. They were all somehow get out of using it. And I got stuck with it. So I tried to make it look like a Heisman pose. What I hated about it was it relies a lot on the other guy to look good. So I wasn't really a fan of the playmaker and I can't even tell you who I enjoyed hitting it on." "My favorite was The Shining Black that I stole shamelessly from Chono Masahiro. One of my all time favorites. Many people dubbed it The Drive By I don't know who came up with that? I didn't. "I've never called it The Drive By , I think, maybe Taz, might have been the first person to say it. I feel like I remember hearing him say that. Because, one time, I remember somebody was hanging off the edge of the ring and I ran and I used to do it where I pull somebody's head to hang just over the edge of the ring apron, and I get a running start and boot him in the head. I think he referred to that as The Drive By and somehow that stuck. So when I started doing Chono's Kick where I'd step off the knee and boot you in the head that was my favorite finish to use. Because I could do it The Big Show, I could do it Rey Mysterio, I could do it to anyone and The Playmaker I couldn't necessarily do to everybody. Then they decided they wanted me to go and start using a different finish for various reasons. But you know, as far as finishing moves, go, I never even cared for The Playmaker."

MVP is currently slated to be alongside Bobby Lashley when the latter challenges Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble premium live event this Saturday night.

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