"Mysterious Superstar" Set For NXT Halloween Havoc

According to the latest episode of NXT, there will be a new WWE character set to arrive at the next NXT Halloween Havoc event scheduled for later this month. In a mere two weeks, the latest installment of the revived Halloween Havoc event will lay to rest the rumors surrounding the new WWE character. As the WWE Universe tuned in to this past episode of NXT 2.0, WWE aired an eerie vignette that teased the excitingly imminent debut of a new WWE Superstar with their sights set on Halloween Havoc! While Halloween Havoc was only recently revived by WWE for the NXT brand, the history of the mainstay PPV under the WCW banner made it a must see event every year from 1989 to 2000. In my opinion, it is thrilling to see the event reinvigorated with the fighting spirit of the NXT Superstars in their second ever NXT Halloween Havoc…

As NXT 2.0 continues to push the envelope with more edgy content I'm curious to see the debut of this new WWE Superstar as its revealed. The art of storytelling through vignettes is finally making a comeback I think due in large part to the necessities brought about through the challenges posed by the pandemic. And to be honest, I'm all for some creative vignettes! I have many. And, I absolutely fell in love with wrestling by watching the vignettes which added more meaning to the matches that would ultimately unfold on my TV screen as a kid! In any event, I think the push towards edgier content with more character development will provide more matches that have more purpose and in turn will lend itself to an overall boost in ratings as well as the opportunities for success for the NXT Superstars once their time comes to transition to Raw or Smackdown. Halloween Havoc under the NXT 2.0 banner will be one of those key opportunities.

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Heading into Halloween Havoc I think we can expect to see some extra creative ingenuity coming to the forefront as this most recent vignette so mysteriously alludes to. In the video that aired on this past episode of NXT 2.0, WWE indeed teased the debut of a new character. The actions filmed in the vignette keenly tied themselves into some spot on symbolism as an unknown entity was digging into the ground and talking about how they will, "bury the past so I can start again…" In my humble opinion, as a Writer and Pro Wrestler, I feel the symbolism here is indicative of a preexisting WWE Superstar reinventing themselves just as NXT 2.0 is experiencing a major paradigm shift effectively reinventing itself ushering in a new era. The survival instinct of evolution versus extinction. A phoenix coming out of its own ashes reborn. Symbolism here suggests more changes to come.

With that said, as I write this, there's still no word on exactly who this WWE Superstar is, however, there are many who are assuming based on prior vignettes that this could be Elias. And perhaps that's right as the time frame certainly fits. Either way, I think NXT Halloween Havoc 2021 is going to prove to be a must see event in keeping with the lengthy history surrounding its initial debut in 1989. WWE is certainly putting extra focus on NXT at this time and its starting to show which is great for the NXT Superstars who are all working insanely hard to reach their fullest potentials as the future of WWE. Don't miss NXT Halloween Havoc live in two weeks with the debut of a new WWE character marking the end of one era and the beginning of another in a new NXT - NXT 2.0!

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