Natalya Writes A Heartwarming Tribute To Trish Stratus

Natalya shows her respect to Trish Stratus for being one of the women who played a role in Natalya wanting to be the best pro-wrestler that she can be.

As we've noted here on the site, former SmackDown Live Women's Champion Natalya updates her blog on the Calgary Sun and weekly. This week's edition of Nattie's blog was dedicated to one of the pioneers of the women's revolution, former seven-time WWE Women's Champion and WWE Hall Of Famer, Trish Stratus.

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Natalya tends to base her writings off of fan questions that she is asked and answers those questions in great detail. This week, Natalya was asked which former female WWE superstar inspires her the most.

"I am shouting from the rooftop that it would be none other than Trish Stratus! A few weeks ago, I had the honour, for the first time in my life, of being in the same ring as Trish Stratus during the inaugural Women's Royal Rumble Match. I couldn't believe that I finally had the opportunity to lock horns with the seven-time WWE Women's Champion, fellow Canadian and one of the most iconic female superstars in WWE history. Trish isn't just any superwoman to me, she is one of the main reasons why I wanted to become a WWE Superstar."

Natalya, along with many other young women who looked to become women's wrestlers one day, looked up to Trish Stratus and the battles that Trish would have with Lita over the years. Luckily for Natalya, she was able to grow up around some of the best wrestlers that the world has seen, but seeing a lady on the big stage doing what she wanted to do, struck something in her.

"For me, even though I was surrounded by some of the best the WWE has ever seen, seeing Trish Stratus on Monday Night Raw made me realize that I wanted to be just like her. She was this strong, fierce, confident woman from Canada who stepped showed the world why women in WWE were a force to be reckoned with. Trish was truly ahead of her time in so many ways.

I remember watching Trish Stratus perform with a broken nose (wearing a protective face mask) and thinking how cool it was because she was so tough. I wanted to be just as tough as her. I remember watching her and Lita main event Monday Night Raw in December of 2004, something that had been unheard of to that point. Lita and Trish were not only trailblazers, but arguably two of the most influential WWE Superstars of their generation, male or female."


Natalya would further comment on her relationship with Trish Stratus and would continue to thank the WWE Hall Of Famer. Natalya also revealed that she was able to have a conversation with Trish while at the 'Royal Rumble' PPV and tell Stratus that the advice that she gave her all those years ago, still holds weight in Natalya's mind and she can not thank "Canada's Greatest Export" enough. To read Natalya's full blog post, you can head over to the Calgary Sun, or

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